<1mm nicks on new rim, concerned?

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Picked up a new wheel from LBS last week and after getting home noticed 3 or 4 small chips/nicks on the rim (Mavic OP) just between the braking surface and where the tire is seated, likely caused when shipped from metal on metal contact (or they were dropped).

They appear cosmetic and less than 1mm, wheel is perfectly true now. Should I be concerned down the road or just let it go?

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RichardFernandez (not verified)

Fine sandpaper for metal will smooth it out.

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Robert Shay (not verified)
Let go or check with tension meter...

It is unlikely (but not impossible) that you have a defective rim/rims if the wheel is true laterally and radially.

In addition to checking trueness, you may also want to check spoke tension. A handy tool for this is a Park Tension meter. I always use this tool to check for proper spoke tension every few months - it beats having a broken spoke on a ride.

A view of the tool:

Some helpful words from Parktool on wheel truing:

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