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Female cycling partner needed for Central Park Spring Couples Relay team, a co-ed Run, Bike and Row race. One person will run (me?), one will bike (you?, a female), and then we both get in a rowboat and row around the The Lake (by the Boathouse). Lots of fun.

I’m 52 and can run 7:30’s or so, but need a female biker whose age would add to the COMBINED 91 – 100 year old category. You would need to be a female aged between 39 and 48 (inclusive) and capable of biking two 17 to 18 minute loops on May 12, 2007. If interested, please e-mail me ASAP. The race will close very soon, maybe this week.

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Pamela (not verified)
female cyclist

Hi Ed,

I am a strong cyclist and this sounds interesting. Can you tell me more.


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Ed (not verified)

Thanks, Pamela, but (un)fortunately I got a partner, but write me anyway, and we can stay in touch for next year's (2008) race. This year’s partner is 29 y.o.; I prefer older women ;-), maybe like you?

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Claudette (not verified)
This sounds like fun!

How does one enter this?

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Basil (not verified)
Spring Couples Relay details

"Race info
Race Application
Entry List to date

- I've done this the past 3 years.
- Race fills up at 100.
- Currently at 70. It WILL fill up very soon.
- It's a fun race where the seconds saved in running/biking/transition become very irrelevant very quickly as you extricate yourselves from bushes, other boats etc in the water.
- In case you're looking I did a have a friend who may still be looking for a female partner but on a non-competitive basis with no pressure to break any records or win.

Hope to see you on the course!
Basil AT BasilAshmore DOT com


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barry (not verified)

The race is sponsored by the N Y City Tri Club. Their web site is www.nytc.org. You had better hurry because the relay is almost full.

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