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Join us, Monday, January 1, 2007, for the 4th annual Coney Island Polar Bear Ride!

+/- 25 miles
All-Class (and all classy!)
Meet at 10:30 at City Hall (Center St south of Chambers) for sign-in, etc.
Leaves City Hall at 10:45 am SHARP.
Will meet with additional riders at Prospect Park, by request (call leaders to arrange).
Many MTA bail-outs.
Bring: Helmet, Warm Disposition, Bike, Spares, Sunblock.
...and don't forget your towel.

Don't Miss It!!!

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Banana Man (not verified)

No foul-weather refunds.
If it snows, I may take the mountain bike.
Your mileage may vary.

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Banana Man (not verified)
Special Offer for Early-Birds

Free gifts for the first 8 or so to show up at City Hall!!!

(gift value may vary per your perception)

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Banana Man (not verified)

There is no cancellation policy on this ride.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
The mysterious gift

In winter's chill breeze
Long yellow fruit is stripped bare
Sweet flesh brings us joy.

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Marci (not verified)
Early AM Update

Keeping an optimistic outlook - if it is not raining at 9:30, the ride is on. Rain before does not cancel. Ditto for expected rain after. It's a short ride, there are plenty of bail outs, and it's supposed to be a mild day. Besides, Tony's expecting us, and it just wouldn't be the same arriving by subway (although I'm sure he will post directions to do so should the need arise.)

Check back for additional posts later this morning. As always, no news is good news.

Happy New Year!

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Banana Guy (not verified)
Rain, Rain Go Away!

It's 54 degrees, perfect temperature for a swim and a bike ride. Unfortunately, it's raining, pouring, actually, making for very sloppy riding. In July I might try to ride through it, but in January? So it is with deep regret that we announce an unprecedented 1-year rain delay for the 4th Annual Polar Bear Ride. The ride will It will leave from City Hall at 10:30am on January 1, 2008.

Bring spares, water, food, towel, SPF, and hangover remedy... Your mileage may vary.

Don't Miss it!!

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
what's so funny about peace, love & mis-fender-standing?

Marci & Peter,

Sorry to hear this. Mother Nature will help next year. If you only mentioned raingear (I have SKS on a road touring bike) we could still ride....just kidding.

Happy New Year,

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
Rain out

"Hello all ;

too bad the ride is called due to foul weather,, however the PARTY is still ON ... closest subway to my house is the ""N "" using the Fort Hamilton Ave Stop. Use the exit closest to the front of the train. Outside walk right from 62nd Street to 70th Street ..call me @ my cell ( 917 251 3549 ) or( H 718 833 9729 ) And I will give you exact address ..

let's party !!!!
Ciao ,Tony"

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N Train (not verified)

"Wow, you don't even know your own subway stop. Pretty sad. That would be ""Fort Hamilton Parkway,"" would it not?

Lonesome N Train"

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