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"Great Ride, Really.

Hey Todd,
I really appreciated your keeping us together on the return and allowing us to return as a single unit. I know a few of the riders could easily have gotten back 5-10 minutes sooner. But by keeping us together you showed true TEAM leadership.

Unfourtunately, my right leg is not talking to my left leg, tanks for asking.

Did I forget to say it was a Great ride???

Rob ""Not the Slowest"" Marcus"

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Arthur Prinslow (not verified)
Thank you !! Great ride! (nm)
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Stéphane (not verified)

Great cohesive ride. Sorry I couldn't accompany you all till the bridge: my rear tire had a one-inch tear thanks to an unexpected and unannounced large piece of metal on the road. During the 20 minutes it took me to fix the damage, it was nice to hear most riders ask me if I needed help.
Next Sunday, we'll have to do something so that Todd does not fall asleep on Little Tor!

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I think I know when you may have had the flat.
I and the others around me heard a loud rattle of metal, but never saw anything, We asked around if all was alright, but I guess you may have had a different answer which was not heard.

Sorry, it always suck. I had the same issue last week early on, but told the ride to go. My cause was glass.

Rob Marcus

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Uli (not verified)

"Little Tor was not as ""Little"" as I expected to be. -Uli"

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Sienna (not verified)
Little Tor

Oh my gosh, wait until you see Big Tor!!!

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JSmith (not verified)
Little Tor


Pardon my ignorance, but what is a Tor?

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Matt P. (not verified)

"Middle English/Old English word for ""mountain"" or ""peak."""

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Ja Quanq Etil (not verified)

See Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

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