best route from New Haven Station to Clinton, CT?

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Hi, hoping someone could help w/ some last minute navigation. Taking Metro-North to New Haven then riding to Clinton, Ct, one town east of Guilford, CT. I think I have it mapped well but getting out of New Haven was a little unclear on the map I was using. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Jersey Guy (not verified)
Orange Street

Orange Street, which begins near the New Haven train station, is a relatively low traffic residential route out of town to the east. At least that will get you started.

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Sean (not verified)

Orange st. Thank you, will look for it.

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a guy who used to live on Orange St back in the day (not verified)

Orange Street is much more north/south than east/west

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
CT Shoreline route

I don't know Orange St but if you fancy a pretty route, check out the CT Shoreline ride - there are probably a couple of versions in the ride library but they all go from New Haven RR station to Guilford Green - from where it's straightforward to get to Clinton (via Route 1 - Madison, etc?).

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Sean (not verified)
didn't catch orange st.

Well never saw orange st. but quickly and easily found Route 1 and took that the whole way. In the future will try the Shoreline ride,surely prettier, less traffic. Thanks

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jmf (not verified)

Actually, I prefer CT-80. You follow Union St/ State Street North from the station (a right facing out the door of of the station). You go about 1-2 miles passing under about 4 freeway underpasses. Just after one of these freeway underpasses is a Hess gas station (green logo) next to a small metal-frame bridge over the train tracks. Turn right to go over this bridge & make a quick left at the traffic light and you are on the road that turns into Ct-80.

It is a bit nasty with old warehouses etc, but after the final passage under the freeway and getting past the nearby shopping mall & out of New Haven it becomes nice again. You can take CT-80 East out all the way to Rte 81 & make a Right turn (south) from the traffic circle to Clinton on the coast, but this entails 1 steep long uphill at Chatfield Hollow (a small valley so you get the downhill first & have to pay for it afterwards).

Alternatively you can make an earlier right turn at CT-79 and avoid the big hill & take US-1 for the last few miles east from Madison.

Ct80 has More trees, fewer traffic lights than US-1, fewer turns than the shore route, but more hills-not very steep though except for the last avoidable one-and a couple of extra miles. The extra miles back to the coast are pretty much all downhill, though.

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