Wed Night: Chelsea Piers wants add driveway across Greenway

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This just in from Noah Budnick of Transportation Alternatives. Hope some of you can make it to the Wednesday night meeting - remind the Community Board that Chelsea piers served the liquor to the guy who ran down Eric Ng on the Greenway earlier this month.

[...] just got a tip that next Wednesday, December 20, Chelsea Piers will be
at Manhattan Community Board 4's Transportation Committee to propose
adding another driveway across the Hudson River Greenway.

This will only make things more dangerous for greenway users, and it
should not be allowed. I don't need to go into detail. We all know too
well the tragedies of Eric Ng and Dr. Nacht. More driveways mean more
motor vehicles driving across the greenway and more conflicts between
vehicles and bikers, walkers and skaters.

Please come and voice your concerns and fear about this proposed
driveway across the greenway path.

Manhattan CB4 Transportation Planning
CB 4 Office, 330 W. 42nd St., 26th floor
Btw 8th and 9th

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an angering reader (not verified)
Entitlement, hubris, muscle, cluelessness

"As a member of Chelsea Piers' athletic facilities I can't tell you how angry that proposal at face value makes me when I see that neither CP management, the guards it employs to direct traffic or collect parking tolls (not the party guards--I'm talking about the permanent ""toll-house"" variety), nor the NYPD (who seem to be at all the wrong places all the wrong times when it comes to the bikepath) does anything to manage and enforce what it already has: how many times have I been nearly mowed down by taxis, limos, SUVs, Minis, whatever, as these vehicles blast through every blessed stop sign on the facilities' access road at 20th, 18th, and 16th strees? If the NYPD wanted to make a mint on traffic violations, they ought to put one of theirs on the Piers' access drives--in all these places. (And to think my monthly dues in part finance the incompetence of the Piers management.)"

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Car speed bump in front of path crossing Chelsea Piers

It have been missing for a long time. I was told by the organization which oversees the Hudson park bike path that it was on order. That was over a year ago. Still no speed bumps. Methinks it is not in the interest of Chelsea Piers to follow through on replacing them.

Incidentally, does anyone else think the impact end of the new railing at this intersection, where cyclists going south cross motorized traffic, should be made of something that absorbs impact like plastic, rather than metal? I can see some nasty accidents out in the future. Hitting the sharp end of that fence during peak usage in the confusion of crossing motor traffic and oncoming path users at this bend in the path plus an adjacent pedestrian crosswalk will result in head and face trauma.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
How to (possibly) erect an impediment to a new road into the CP

For those who think they know my politics, perhaps I should state CP here stands neither for Central Park nor the Communist Party. It is the Chelsea Piers

Read pages 10-11 of the below link to learn the machinations of the head of Chelsea Piers with Bush. No kidding. He made Bush a millionaire.

Here's a novel legal strategy from a two-time law school drop out: since the Chelsea Piers received subsidies from the City, put on the record in any hearing for the building of a new road into the CP, the City will be held responsible-in-part for injury or death-by-driver occurring on that road. (And amend complaints in the matters of Nacht and Ng to include the City as a co-defendant for death-by-driver.) At the least, that might give the city pause before, if you'll pardon the expression, green lighting the building of an additional road.

Yeah, yeah, it's controversial and possibly or even likely beyond the reach of current law, but, if need be, let's try to make some new law here. If the City approves, not to mention arguably* partially funds a new ingress road onto private property, let them share the responsibility for it.

Contact me for the argument even if the money for a new road into the complex appears to come strictly from CP money.

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