Sunday 10am, Nyack via Bradley/Tweed - Anyone interested?

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  • Sunday 10am, Nyack via Bradley/Tweed - Anyone interested?
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If there's interest (3+ riders), I'll lead a ride up to Nyack the hilly way. 10min stop at Runcible Spoon and return via 9W or a more scenic route, depending on group and weather.

Start time is 10am - I don't want to interfere/overlap with Todd's Hogwich ride or Ron's Montauk ride, so I'd rather not move this up by more than 30 min.

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Geoffrey Radbill (not verified)
Count Me In! (nm)
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Maureen (not verified)
Me, too! (nm)
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George (nm) (not verified)

I might be up for it as well!

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Sam AA (not verified)

"I am recovering from a run that wrecked me. If I am not up to the Hogwich by tomorrow I will join you guys.

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Joe (not verified)

Weather forecast looks great and we're 3+, so it's a go! See you at 10am at the Boathouse.

If anyone else is planning on joining, pls post here or email me, so I'll have a sense of group size. And if you care, you should be home in time to catch the 4th quarter of the 1pm games.

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Susan (not verified)
I'll be there too (nm)
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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
Very likely

I'll show up @ 10.00 AM also.
Depending on how the legs feel and as long as it's not a problem for you, I may start with your group but leave prematurely.
(There may also be one or two others with me).

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Joe (not verified)

No sweat Basil. We'd welcome the company for as long as we can hang onto your wheel.

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Jay (not verified)
I'm coming too--

I need 136 more miles to = last year's 6475.

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Al Taylor (not verified)

I'll join.

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Jack (not verified)

I will try to make it as well

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