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ok, i worked it out with the weather gods again this week.

let's do the same route as last week. no stops until our little tor re-grouping at the bottom of the hill. 5-minute pee break at toga then straight back 9W to the bridge.

expect about the same pace as last week, so plan accordingly. i will do my best to keep the ride organized, but it ain't easy sometimes. remember, this is a cooperative group ride, which usually means you may have to go either FASTER or SLOWER than what you would do by yourself. i think people forget this sometimes.


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Rob Marcus (not verified)
Can do, Can u?

No problem going SLOWER,

Unfourtunately MY FASTER is YOUR SLOWER.

Hope to see ya Sunday

Rob Marcus

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RichardFernandez (not verified)

I havent been riding much but I'll try to meet up with you guys again this week.

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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
you make it sound like a chore

"for once i'd like to hear someone say something like this:

""i feel great, have been riding regularly and look forward to doing your ride sunday. the ride sounds like it could be a challenge, but i'm definately up for it.""

i guess i'm funny that way.


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David Carr (not verified)
Looking forward to the ride

Colleen and I are looking forward to the ride, pace and all! Looks like good weather again. Hope we have a cohesive, smooth group like last time. See you soon!


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Todd Brilliant (not verified)
that's more like it!

i laughed because when i opened your message i thought you were just going to cut and paste what i wrote in my message. now that would have been funny.

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Robert Marcus (not verified)
I feel Great thanks for asking

"I feel Great thanks for asking.

The arthritis...tanks gawd it only hurts on the left side in the left knee and ankle but I can still use my right leg jus fine.

The roids.. don't even ask. But I can, tanks gawd still bike standing.

My eyes? Oy vey, Don't worry, just keep shouting out those hazards and I'll be jus fine or not.

In any case I have been riding semi-irregularly, but unfourtunately that's the only thing in my life that is anything close to regular.

I WILL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU...perhaps not right behind you, actually closer to a few blocks behind you, but whose counting.

In any case ...
I really appreciate your efforts in shaping us into
""Team Hogwich"", just don't tell my Rabbi.

Hope to see ya Sunday.

Rob Marcus

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