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A big thank you to David Sabarrese for once again taking care of all the details for the great party.

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Barbara (not verified)
Yes! Thanks to David!

Last night's party was a wonderful swan song to 3 years of terrific NYCC social events. Thank you David for all your efforts. Great party and band!

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Bob Ross (not verified)
anyone catch the name of the band?

While I thought they were too loud for that sort of occasion, I did think they were quite good. Wouldn't mind checking them out in a club sometime.

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Dave Sabbarese (not verified)
The Boyz in the Band

"Bob, the band is called ""'S Only Rock n Roll"", but I don't think you'll find them gigging anywhere. They pretty much got together for the party. The drummer and bass player are from the Fab Faux, and the guitarist is currently in the New York Dolls."

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Thank you!

"Dave, thanks for the *excellent* job putting on the holiday party. It was thoroughly enjoyable. After 3 years, you've really set the bar high for special club events. It's going to be a tough act for Hal to follow.

Speaking of acts, the band was really good, too. I thought the guitarist looked familiar, but could not place him. Some folks thought the music was a bit loud. Perhaps, but if all of the New York Dolls had shown up , G-n-G would have been the new CBGB....

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Bob Ross (not verified)

I thought Will Lee (Late Night w/ David Letterman/CBS Orchestra) was the bassist in The Fab Faux? That guy last night was good, but he wasn't Will Lee good!

Great that a bunch of guys can throw together a one-off gig of classic rock covers and have them sound that tight. Excellent job booking the band, Dave

( well as with everything else, of course.)

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Morene (not verified)

"This was my first club party. Indeed, my first club ""social"" event of any kind (sans rides of course). I'm a fairly new member and felt very welcomed last night. I knew only two or three people by name, and when seen eating alone was invited to move my table over to join others. That, to me, is the true spirit of what a club should be. Thanks to Stan, et al., for making me feel at home! (Also, the band did did I!)

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Dave Sabbarese (not verified)
Ooops, my bad . . .

. . . Bob, you are, of course, correct. Will Lee is the Fab Faux bassist (who will be playing Webster Hall December 26 & 27, btw). Our bassist the other night was John Conte, no slouch is his own right! And thanks everybody for all the kind words, it was great fun being involved at this level for the past three years.

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hal eskenazi (not verified)

"for those interested in seeing the party photos see the mess that reads, ""nycc hoilday party 06"""

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