The Ride Towards Montauk--B18 this Sunday, 12/17

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  • The Ride Towards Montauk--B18 this Sunday, 12/17
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Need a change of scenery? Can't wait for the Montauk Century/Montauk Ride? Want to ride all day with a tailwind and cruise back on the train?

Ok, so we won't make it to Montauk, but we'll go in that direction until we don't feel like riding anymore and we'll catch the LIRR back to the city. We'll take a not-so-well-known mid-island route to Yaphank or so, then hit the South Fork. Bailout points every few miles. You can do 40 miles, 90 miles or anything in between, whatever you feel like. Some rolling hills but nothing difficult.

Meet 8am at the Statue of Civic Virtue (Kew Gardens stop of E/F line). Bring the usual plus train fare ($15 or less), bike pass, and lights if you'll be riding home from Penn Sta. Rain or headwinds cancel.

Please RSVP here and check back for updates.

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)

I'm in.

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Josh (not verified)
In too

I'm in for 40 if you can promise me a tailwind.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

Weather forecast looks good. High of 56 right now with winds at our backs most of the day.

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