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thanks all for another great ride and turn-out.

fyi, the route yesterday (which will become one of the standard routes of the winter) was 60 miles bridge to bridge and ran us 3:10 of riding time and 3:30 total time due to the toga pee break and regrouping after little tor. that's a pretty fast average pace for a ride that was well-controlled and not a hammerfest.

sure, we had a few sloppy moments, but i think for the most part it was a very disciplined group. hope i didn't annoy too many riders with my yelling and such. having class and style are important to me.

also, finally checked out toga. perfect place for a stop and you don't need to drop down into nyack and deal with the locals.

see you all next week.

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David C (not verified)

It was a great ride, Todd. Remarkably smooth and cohesive for the hills and speed. If we can just arrange such nice weather for some more Sundays!

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
What yelling????

I couldn't hear your yelling cause my legz were screaming louder.

It was fun in a sick weird way.
Next time I'm gonna use the shower at Toga.

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Colleen (not verified)
sorry my bike didn't cooperate

Hated to leave the ride, but did get my cables replaced promptly, then climbed Bradley Tweed with a River Rd. return. So we got some hills in, even if it wasn't Little Tor. Hopefully, all is now in working order for next week!

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Steve (not verified)
View from the Way Back

It was a good ride. I made it further than I expected but still couldn't keep pace up Little Tor, Rockland Lake and State-Line. I ended up with a 17 mph average which puts it right at the top of a NYCC A20. My goal through the season is turn these monsters into molehills. And now I know where the Nyack Toga is.

Cheers on a well-disciplined group.


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Uli (not verified)

Thanks for the excellent ride! There's beauty in controlled pacelines.

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Arty (not verified)
thanks great ride!!!!!!!!!!!! (nm)
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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Very impressive, Arty!

"Doing three rides simultaneously, the Hogwich Ride, the Sunday Pigskin Ride, and Tarrytown via Grassy Sprain, isn't an easy feat!

No doubt, you also on the same day climbed that ""new hill deep in the Ramapo Mtns.""

The quality of the trolls on this m.b. has been declining. Isn't there a troll school somewhere, or even a troll GED equivalent? Something ought to be done."

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Arty (not verified)
huh? (nm)
cycling trips