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Hey Friends,

Glen here, your humble servant and Montauk tour director going back to 1997.

For the first time, NYCC members will now receive a $10 discount on the price of the Montauk Ride starting with the May 20, 2007 ride.

This is possible because I am now running things on my own, without the 5BBC. (And to keep the lawyers happy, this event will be called the Montauk Ride).

Complete details, gossip, and on-line registration at:

I've always been honored to have NYCC members along; now they get the discount that they deserve. (After all, it WAS the NYCC that created the first Montauk Century!)



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Sam AA (not verified)

"Some feedback having done the long ride in this year's Montauk. The start time of 6:00 AM at PENN is too early. 7:30 or 8:00 is more reasonable. Since the ride is mostly flat, if one wants to do the 145 miles ride s/he should be able to go 18+ on flat terrain.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

Two problems with starting later:

1. You're going to get stuck behind lots of slower cyclists doing the 100 and 66 and

2. You're going to hit a bit more traffic getting through Queens and Nassau County, which will contribute to problem #1.


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Sam AA (not verified)

"Not really. This year the shorter (and presumably slower rides) started before (or relatively at the same time as) longer rides. There was not much bike traffic. And I doubt an hour or 2 late will makes a big difference in Sunday car traffic.
The reason Glen offered when I contacted him right after the ride was that people overestimate their abilities... and they have to be (sagged)off the road by certain time. To this I say if some one does it is their mistake; I don't have to pay for that by being up at 4:30 AM to catch the ride.


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April (not verified)
Organize your own tour

"""I don't have to pay for that by being up at 4:30 AM to catch the ride.""

The only way to get EXACTLY what you want is to organize one yourself!

If Glen chooses to cater to the slower and less capable riders, it's his choice since he put in the work to organize it. You don't have to ride it if you don't like to get up at 4:30.

You can simply do your own ride (better yet, lead a NYCC ride) to Mountauk and hop the LIRR back into the city as long as it's before Memorial Day or after Labor day. You don't have to pay to ride, you don't even have to get stuck with having to ride rain or shine or loss you registration money."

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Sharon (not verified)
Montauk Ride

"Well April, that is such smug verbage ""If Glen wants to cater to the slower and less capable riders...""

I can assume you ride only with Lance!

It's a ride for everyone."

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April (not verified)
You're right

"I'm not a fan of even the original Montauk Century because I prefer to come back to the city stretch out on a train, without waiting for the bus. And I can get to Montauk without needing someone else to prepare a cue sheet for me.

Or you think only Lance is capable of riding without an army of sag wagons???

For doing it on my own, I don't have to pay $40-50 for it. Nor do I need to get up at 5 o'clock on a given day even when it's raining.

If you like and don't mind paying for the party rides, enjoy. If you consider that ""smug""? To you, it is."

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Sharon (not verified)

NO, just to YOU!

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Michael Steiner (not verified)
Wind ...

Hmm, also do not forget that this year we had most of the way a decent and at the end a rather strong tailwind! Think of how it would have been if this tailwind would have been a headwind ....

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5BBC and NYCC member (not verified)
5BBC is not cool with this

From 5BBC website:

The Montauk Century. Accept no imitations. There are other bicycle rides on Long Island, and other rides that go to Montauk. However, The Montauk Century is the only Montauk ride with a 43-year track record of excellence, and the only Montauk ride that is sponsored by the Five Borough Bicycle Club.

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April (not verified)
failure ensured

"Two rides on the same date going to the same destination? And both need to use the same LIRR trains?

I predict one will NOT happen. But if I'm wrong and both happened, the problems you ""usually"" have to deal with in the past will simply be DOUBLED.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Same day? I just noticed that and looks like April is correct.

I do feel that Glenn does a great job and I must say that a director with his skill will do just fine. Yes, the logistics will be a nitemare. I wonder if Glen already got an okay on the trains for that day from LIRR, that would be wild. I rode the bus one year and was fine with it.

I guess we must see what 5bbc does with this headache.
I am sure once anyperson pre-pays they are unable to back out.

My money is on Glen to pull this off even if he loses money on it the first year.

Great Soap opera in the making.

Rob Marcus

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April (not verified)

"""My money is on Glen to pull this off even if he loses money on it the first year. ""

That was my first thought until I noticed they're on the same date.

Without the clout of 5BBC, I'm not so sure he can attract enough volunteers to work it.

I'm no expert on this, but it seems even if he only have half the number of riders, he'll still need nearly the same number of volunteers."

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"I must say that but without all the facts, many of 5bbc members must come from sign-ups on the century. I always re-new my membership when I sign up for the ride and say a few dollars on both the ride and dues.

Let's face it, Glen is scorned and wants to ""screw"" the 5BBC.


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Sam AA (not verified)
Different date

"I think it is only fair Glen chooses a different date.

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Remembering the days when the NYCC chartered it's own buses. The ride home was the highlight of the day. First bus would leave at 3:30.

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Glen (not verified)
Glen Speaks

"Howdy boys and girls. Glen here, your tour director and humble servant. Yikes! So many messages! Here's my two cents:

o Here's all the gossip on why I started the Montauk Ride, etc. etc.

o Not out to screw the 5BBC. I have a choice of working for the 5BBC or working directly for the riders, and I prefer the later. One of the benefits of doing the ride this way is that I can offer a discont to NYCC members. Since it was an NYCC member that started a ride to Montauk, I believe that this is long, long, overdue. The 5BBC is a fine club -- different from the NYCC, but still fine.

o The response has been terrific so far, (more than 30 riders signed up in the dead of winter!) plus MANY volunteers, for which I am grateful. I am not worried about proper staffing for the ride. Last year the ride atttracted 2,300 riders. My undeducated estimate for 2007 is that the Montauk Ride will draw 2,300 again. (Not more, but not less...)

o Same old debate about century rides that cost money. I like them and pay to do them myself. If people prefer to ride the roads and make their own travel plans, I think that's fine!

o Over the past 10 years I created the current Montauk structure -- the rest stops, the transportation, the route, the food plan... that's what I'll be offering this year. If you like that plan, come on along! If it's not your style, there's nothing wrong with that.

o Some confusion here over start times. The 100-mile version of this ride leaves only from the Babylon LIRR station. If you can get there on your own, check in is from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. BUT... if you want transportation for your bike and you out to Babylon, well, yes, you have to start damn early at Penn Station so we have time to load your bike in a truck and get you on the train in time.

With 2,300 riders there is a WIDE range of cycling talent, and it's a safe bet that you will not be the fastest rider or the slowest rider. S.A.G. is our biggest expense and one of our biggest concerns. We'd much rather that riders had too much time to do the ride than not enough -- no one likes to be S.A.G.-ed!

I got a scathing email from a rider last year because on the ride web site I wrote that the 145-mile route was for ""experts only."" This rider wanted to know how dare I question his credentials, he expected to finish the 145 in less than five hours... We do everything we can to talk people out of the 145 simply beause in years past we would have people sign up for it who were not capable of 25 MILES -- they were gasping at the first rest stop. This program has been successful -- we welcome everyone to do the distance they feel good about.

o Yes, there used to be buses home from Montauk run by the NYCC. I worked hard with the then NYCC president to halt this, for the exact same reason that I don't run a ride on the Escape New York route on the day of that great ride -- respect.

o This ride is my favorite project of the year, and I am here to serve you. If I can help in any way, please let me know.




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"Chainwheel" (not verified)

"""The response has been terrific so far, (more than 30 riders signed up in the dead of winter!)""

Dead of winter? It's still fall. Currently 56F!


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Stacy (not verified)
No Good for Biking Community

"As a member/rider of NYCC and 5BBC and a participant of the North Fork Century--I knew there was animosity between Glen and 5BBC- but to run the same ride on the same day? -- Seems like no one is going to win this battle. With all the issues going on with the outside world (parade permits, losing bike lanes, fatal accidents, etc)-this infighting is doing the bicycle community a great deal of harm and dishonor.
Can't we stop the ""pissing contest"" (mean that only in a loving way) and move on--

P.S.- Just to let it be known - I'm an equal opportuity angry rider - and sent a similar email to the 5BBC message board!

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Carol Waaser (not verified)
Don't blame us

When Glen offered the discount to the NYCC he did not explain that he was breaking off from 5BBC and doing the ride on his own. He did say he was going to have to smooth things over with 5BBC in order to offer the discount to NYCC members, but we didn't take that to mean there was a rift. There certainly is no intentional dispute between NYCC and 5BBC, and I hope 5BBC also sees it that way. Both clubs serve a purpose in the NY cycling community. We have always supported each other and I hope that will continue.

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
The Montauk Century is a 5BBC ride

For most of its 43 years, the Montauk Century bicycle ride has been sponsored by the 5BBC and its predecessor organization, the Bicycle Committee of the Metropolitan NY Council of AYH. During this time, the 5BBC has had several Montauk Century tour directors, most recently Glen Goldstein. Glen served as tour director since 1997 (except 2004), initially as a volunteer, and more recently as a paid consultant. In my opinion, his work has been excellent. Many 5BBC members, myself included, wanted Glen to continue working for the 5BBC and to run the Montauk Century in 2007.

Unfortunately, Glen felt mistreated by the 5BBC Executive Board in 2006, and accordingly elected to not offer his services to the 5BBC for 2007 - a decision that I understand but deeply regret. For the first year since 2004, the Montauk Century tour director will be someone other than Glen. The 5BBC Executive Board is interviewing some highly qualified candidates for this position from inside and outside the club, and I do expect the Montauk Century 2007 will have capable leadership.

Regardless who is named as Montauk Century tour director for 2007, the 5BBC is totally committed to continuing this historic ride. It is our signature event, and by far our largest event. It is the face of our club to the rest of the cycling community and it brings in money that funds our other activities and charitable donations. Many of the Montauk Century riders are NYCC members, and we want to make sure that NYCC members understand that the Montauk Century will continue as a 5BBC ride in 2007 and the years beyond. The only place to register for the Montauk Century is

As is evident from this thread, Glen is launching his own Montauk ride, which he will run separately from the 5BBC Montauk Century. In my opinion, there is ample room for a second Montauk event. It would mean more bicycling - and the more bicycling, the better. (Actually, Glen's ride would be the **third** Montauk event, as SBRA already has its own 100-mile Babylon-to-Montauk ride.)

Where Glen and I part company, however, is with his astonishing decision to schedule his Montauk ride on the **same day** as the Montauk Century, which is set for May 20, 2007. This is lunacy. Picture this: we're talking here about two administratively separate rides that start in the same place (Penn Station and Babylon), end in the same place (Montauk), and take the same route. This will cause hopeless confusion. Both events, and their participants, will suffer.

With scores of eligible days in the calendar, why on earth did Glen pick this one? I can only conclude that his goal is to damage the 5BBC and its Montauk Century ride. Glen may feel aggrieved, but his scheduling decision is bad for bicycling. We bicyclists have enough tsouris without damaging ourselves.

I'm making here a public plea. Glen, I want you to have your Montauk ride. I look forward to it and I would like to be a rider or volunteer. But please, PLEASE schedule it on a different day. You want to be seen as an asset to NYC-area bicycling, not as a vindictive and destructive force. You want to organize and run a Montauk ride that will be an event to remember - and in the positive sense. So do we.

-Jim Zisfein
(A 5BBC ride leader, and webmaster)

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5BBC and NYCC member (not verified)
well put

Thanks for this informative explanation. As a friend of Glen's and a fan/member of the 5BBC, this is a lose-lose situation for me. On May 20, rather than enjoying a ride to Montauk as I have done more often than not in recent years, I'll stay away so as to avoid choosing sides.

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Somebody (not verified)
Selfish, self-centered, snobbish, unempathetic and more

"Well, all of the posts above certainly explain why some of us refuse to be members of either club. Look what's skittering out from under damp rocks today. A collection of the most selfish- self-centered, snobbish, unempathetic and needlessly aggressive boors on the planet.

Now let me see:

• A NYCC member is PO'ed because he has to get up early and wants everybody else riding to Montauk to get up when he gets up

• A NYCC member cops the attitude that if people misjudge their abilities and can't keep up, they should (in effect) drop dead, right there on the Sunrise Highway. Just let the trucks roll right over 'em. It's their own fault for misjudging.

• Somebody started a rival ride because he is, for some reason, irked at the organization that usually does the traditional ride -- so he's planning a ride on the same route for the same day. This will confuse everybody and may end up creating a situation where eventually we have no ride for anybody.

More and more I think I understand this guy who sews carpet tacks on the paths frequented by cyclists.

I wouldn't do such a thing myself. I ride, too. But if you know anything about the ancient and powerful Montenegrin curses I've cast on people in the past, some people have something to worry about. Because -- you know who you are -- I'm casting them on your bicycles.

""Fast riders and slow riders all reach their destinations. Pigs get stuck.""

--Klempics the Cycling Hog Butcher

Your Pal,
E. Dwayne Shredloe"

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Glen (not verified)
Banned Montauk Email

So much fuss over a bike ride!

Just to let you know, I have made many MANY attempts to reconcile with the 5BBC (including offering them SERIOUS money in compensation) and have yet to receive ANY reply.

Not to worry -- with them or without them, I am going to make some sort of peace in the family to put all this bitterness behind us.

By the way, I tried to post this note to the 5BBC message board (I AM a member!) about a week ago, but it was considered so dangerous that it was banned, and never appeared! Here it is, unedited:

Here are a couple facts I hope we can ALL agree on:

o The 5BBC is a great, great bike club.

o I ran the Montauk Century in 1997, 1998, and 1999. In 2000 and 2001 I was the club president, and ineligible to run the ride. I ran the Montauk Century again in 2002 and 2003. I was fired in 2004, and brought back in 2005 and 2006.

o I worked on the Montauk Century for free from 1997 until 2003, when I went broke and told the club that I had to get paid SOMETHING for this -- it's a year-round job! I was paid in 2003, 2005, and 2006. (I got about $2,000 when I submited a budget to the club, another $2,000 when the ride was over. The rest was commission, based on how well the ride did.)

o Each year that I worked on the ride, the club made more than the year before. This year profits to the club were about $25,000. At present the club has ABOUT $100,000 in the bank. (That's YOUR money.)

o I have gone my own way. My own two cents can be found here:

That link presents my opinion on the whole thing. There are lots of other intelligent opinions out there.

o I am presently trying to work out some sort of reconciliation with the club. A committee of the club board met privately last night (now last Thursday).

o At this writing the club is offering it's own version of the ride, and I wish them well, but I will not be involved in that ride in any way.

Clear as mud? You bet!



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Rob Marcus (not verified)
A question for Glenn, WHY ON THE SAME DAY???

Your comments and reasons are fine Glenn, but I and others are still confused on one very important issue.

Why must your ride be done on the same EXACT day as the 5BBC ride?

It appears that their ride was scheduled first.

Robert Marcus

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
Who's on first

I can confirm that the 5BBC Montauk Century 2007 was scheduled first for May 20. (I know, I put it on the website.)

FWIW, let me now present publicly the schedule for the Montauk Century in the years ahead:

2007 May 20
2008 May 18
2009 May 17
2010 May 16
2011 May 15
2012 May 20
2013 May 19

Now that we've got that out of the way... I don't recommend a reconciliation, at least not this year. Glen really does need to be free and clear of the 5BBC Executive Board. (I know the feeling, and I'm on the Board.) Sometimes you really do need to run your own store.

Somebody please tell Glen: the way to be free-est and clear-est of 5BBC's Montauk Century is to move the Tour de Glen to a **different day**.


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Avi Robinson (not verified)
"Define ""first"""

"I'm a newbie both to club cycling and to these politics - but with regard to the question of ""first"" it's clear to me that Glen's site was the first to offer riders an opportunity to register for a ride on May 20.

I know since I had been searching the 5BBC website for an opportunity to sign up for the upcoming Montauk Century. I am using the ride as an incentive to stay in shape this winter. I found only information about the 2006 ride, until just this week when the info about the 2007 ride was put up in response to Glen.

That said - if it's common knowledge to everyone in the know that the Montauk Century is always on the 3rd Sunday in May (and Glen certainly knows) then Jim's point is still valid."

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Jim Zisfein (not verified)
First in war, first in peace...

"Point well taken, Avi. **Registration** opened for the ""Tour de Glen"" a few days (3, I believe) before it opened for the Montauk Century. **The schedule** of the Montauk Century, however, has been set since the time of George Washington (or at least the George Washington Bridge). Glen obviously knew the date of the MC, and it appears that's the very reason he picked that date for his ride.

If my memory serves correctly, Glen previously spearheaded an effort among NYC-area bicycle event organizers to keep events from conflicting. That makes his decision to schedule his event on the same day as the Montauk Century even more vexing.

A reason that the Montauk Century 2007 registration did not begin earlier is that 5BBC was waiting on Glen's decision on whether he wanted to continue as tour director. IMO that's a reasonable courtesy, given Glen's history with the club. When Glen announced on December 4th that he would not be continuing his work for 5BBC, and in fact would be organizing his own separate ride to Montauk, the club moved rapidly to open Montauk Century registration.


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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Jim, you have answered the date issue.

My question is simply why Glen chose THAT particular date also, in his own words.

I think when Glen (IF GLEN), answers my question that will help clear the intent of his purpose for another ride.

Rob Marcus

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