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"Anyone have opinions on which of the above is a better wheel? Looking for good all-around balance on durability & responsiveness.

Also, I was quoted $100 above the going online rate by my LBS (reputable) to build a rear wheel w/OP's and ultegra hubs. Any reason to pay the premium besides getting a free truing & convenience of being able to take it in? Is there such thing as a ""better build"" than you'd get from Performance/Nashbar or whatever?"

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Robert Shay (not verified)
durability and responsiveness

My reco would be the open pro. Every once in a while I consider trading up to a more expensive wheel for aerodynamic gains - achieved when riding over 24 mph. Then, at the end of each riding season, I put my rear wheel in the truing stand and find out I dinged it at least once and on average three times. It has happened to me for so many years that I now build my own wheels.

I have had very good luck with the open pro 32 spoke rim and ultegra hubs. I used to have build them for me. They do a great job and usually for a few weeks between now and February they offer free shipping on wheels.

Once, I had a local LBS build a front wheel and I found that it wasn't dished correctly and I had to rebuild it myself. The same LBS built a rear mtn bike wheel for me and tightened the spokes so tight that the rim split. I'm sure there are good LBS wheel builders available - although I haven't found one.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Better build

"""Is there such thing as a ""better build"" than you'd get from Performance/Nashbar or whatever?""

Definitely! The build quality is the most important consideration. Conventional Nashbar/Performance wheels are a good deal if you're willing to tension, true, and stress relieve them yourself. Often, the parts alone (rims, hubs, spokes) would cost more than the built wheels.

""Free tune-ups"" shouldn't be necessary if the wheel is well built.

Get ""The Bicycle Wheel"" and a cheap truing stand, and learn to build or tension your own wheels.


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other options (not verified)

Don't pay $100 for a wheel at the LBS but don't buy machine-built wheels from Nashbar/Performance either. Choose from,,, etc.

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[email protected] (not verified)

Frank Corda is a wheelbuilder I can personally recommend. He's an aircraft mechanic at JFK by day. Very professional.

[email protected]
located in West Babylon, LI

Mavic Open Pro + Ultegra + 14/15 butted spokes + a pro build is a solid, servicable option.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Mavic cosmos from Nashbar or Performance

Buying name brand wheels via mail-order is not a risky proposition. Mavic Ksyriums, Coamso etc are not Nashbar/Performance wheels they are Mavic wheels.
I negotiated a $300 price at a local LBS, the same a mail order and ordered extra spokes just in case ($6).

I find the Cosmos superior to the Open pros, more rigid, probably lighter and enough spokes to give me a comfort factor for light touring w/a rack. Much more comfortable than Ksyriums on on rough chip-seal roads.

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