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Sorry, I'll have to keep this one anonymous, in case my parents read the message board. :)

My wife and I are trying to conceive for the first time. I ride about 100 miles a week on an anatomically-correct bike saddle. Do you guys think that cycling affects my fertility? Should I lay off the saddle until the stick shows a plus sign? Or can I keep hammering with reckless abandon? Or is it something in between? Any links to related articles would be greatly appreciated.


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No problems (not verified)
As long as the seat is comfy

You should be fine. I am over 3500 miles the past 3 years, and we conceived for the first time during the SIG. Due at the end of this month.
I think the best case study is the TdF riders. They ride 100+ miles a day, and plenty of them have kids to take up on the podium.

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Bob Ross (not verified)
Keep hammering with reckless abandon

...until the stick shows a plus sign. Wait, what does this have to do with cycling?


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David (not verified)

There have been studies saying there is no link between low sperm count and cycling. Further there seems to be no link between cycling and testicular cancer. But there is a enough evidence that tight jockeys or shorts can cut down the sperm count and their mobility.

So take a day off and let the boys regroup.

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)

see your urologist

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
It isn't always the bike

China and India, 2 of the most populous countries, have traditionally used bikes as transportation.

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

"First things first. Get off the bike and start riding at home with the wife in tandem ""wink wink"". Hopefully you will see results of your efforts. If not as mentioned talk with your md, perhaps hers also. I beleive that there are so many issues involved that most md's will tell you to stick with the program.

Most articles agree that the best way to avoid any problem and still continue cycling is getting out of the saddle a bit. Simply doing that could/will prevent any nerve damage which is the possible issue with fertility with cyclists.

I do remember several posts on this topic discussing several medical reports.

At my Full physical in September, my MD noticing my tan lines asked me if I cycled and cautioned me about
excess time in the saddle. His point was that which I gave you, get off the saddle a bit more than usual and all should be fine in that department.

Happy riding.

Rob Marcus "" my real name"" or is it"

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Dr. Ruth (not verified)
Cycling and male fertility

Isn't impotence and fertility issues to separate problems?

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

Yes Doctor.

My understanding is that the pressure can cause
Impotenece, but may also reduce the sperm count.

The jury is still out on this

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Dr. Richard Hertz (not verified)

I'd dispose of the seat and ride on without sitting down. It has been done before. And with success. Yes. Ride without your seat. This should ease your concern.

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JHS (not verified)
be careful

If you opt for this option please make certain to remove the seat post. It might pose certain risks of an entirely different nature.

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Ed (not verified)
Dr. Richard Hertz

What kind of doctor did you say you were?

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Dr. Richard Hertz (not verified)

Cycologist. Of course.

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Dr. Haywood Joblome (not verified)
Dr. Dick Hertz

Dr. Dick Hertz doesn't know what he's talking about.

Dr. Haywood Joblome

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