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Does anyone have any solution to a forever running nose while riding? No, I'm not describing crosstraining.
I am always pulling tissues out of my jacket, risking losing my balance,
because I have a perpetual running nose. Yes this embarrassing problem dominates my rides. Any suggestions.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

"Okay, You had the guts to ask so I will be mature and
reply as a fellow cyclist who also has a nose.

I use a bandana, leave it in my back pocket and it also works to wipe your brow, clean hands after tire change or for open gashes you may incur.

I have seen the ""nose shooters"" ( visualize), but I respect my fellow cyclists behind me, wind and all.

Some people attach the bandana to their wrists.

Good luck and it's usually the simple things we appreciate the best.

Rob Marcus"

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Pete (not verified)

I air wipe and if there is someone behind me I use my hand and then wipe it on my jersey or shorts. Too dangerous to grab a tissue if you are going fast and in a group. I also sometimes just use my jersey.

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Tanya (not verified)
those sexy bandanas


Would a bandana be appropriate to barf into when I ride behind a ""nose shooter""?"

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Zenzi (not verified)

"Nose-shooting is the only way to go, you just make sure you are at the back of the pace line or as some friends called it, ""the snorl position"" (snorl being a combination of snot and drool since it is also a good position for spitting). At first it feels like you are committing some horribly disgusting act but you habituate to it and the relief of breathing free is so, so sweet! It also helps to think that nose-shooting makes you that much more like the pro cyclists you admire :-)"

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Bob Ross (not verified)

>>At first it feels like you are committing some horribly disgusting act but you habituate to it<<

...after which you no longer feel a thing, while you continue to commit some horribly disgusting act.

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
Sample snot rocket

"So, I recently, by chance, came across this example when searching for a photo in a recent race."

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JIM N (not verified)
I save .001 trees anually using this technique...

which is also known as the hobo snot throw.

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Bill C (not verified)

I just swallow

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RFernandez (not verified)

Maybey a nutritionist can help.Usually excess mucous is caused by a food that is mucous forming or that your allergic to.For me that would be wheat and milk.Rich

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Jim (not verified)

I use breath rite strips. I dont know why they work, but I few good blows before a ride and but the strip on works for me.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Why noses run in cold weather


Scroll down to bottom.

I listened to this when it was originally broadcast on CBC Radio. It's quite interesting.


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rob (not verified)
constant flow

"I've always thought someone should create a nose catheter, basically an ""always on"" drip tube. Personally, I use the terry strip on my glove, or just flip it on to the ground. Not too elegant, but hey, as long as I don't spray the guy behind me......"

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Joe (not verified)

Just launch a couple of snot rockets and you will be breathing free and easy. Do this either at the back of the paceline, or move a little to the left or right of the line (depending on which nose you need to clear) and fire away. Aim down. With proper technique, you will not hit the person behind you. It helps if you do this at slower speeds (at or pulling away from a light or going uphill).

In response to prior comments disparaging this practice, I would suggest considering it from a safety perspective. I would prefer the cyclist in front of me safely blows snot rockets than reach into his/her jersey pocket for a rag, leaving himself/herself (and me!) more vulnerable to road hazards.

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David J (not verified)

Non drowsy Sudafed

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Running Faucet (not verified)
nasal spray

Ipratropium Bromide 0.03% nasal solution (alright, it's a prescription, but get your doc to prescribe it for you). It stops the drip, except on seriously cold, windy days. I also use a dab of Boroleum ointment in each nostril, which also helps. An ounce of prevention....

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Gino Bartali (not verified)
Vasomotor Rhinitis

"Why do I snot so much?
The Archive

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Gino Bartali (not verified)

And of course when it warms up, a taking the bike out on the road is a nice break. 50 degrees is my break point (and living in Seattle means that is an option almost every month). If you have problems with a runny nose in cold weather here's a tip for you. Vasomotor rhinitis occurs when cold air makes one's nose run. Atrovent (ipratropium bromide) Nasal Spray 0.06% works well. And you can use it for riding, skiing or even just walking outside when it is cold and/or windy. But it's only available by prescription.

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