Nyack with hills A20+ -- Sat @ 9:00 -- BH

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This ride is a variation on the STS Nyack With Hills ride (bypassing the many short turns.)
Basically: River Road - 9W -Kings Hwy - Tweed & Bradley (doing them from 2 different directions) - Runcible for a quick lunch. Back on Piermont and 9W. I will take River Road on the way back as well if all agree.
We will regroup on top of major climbs (but this is going to be a fast ride.)
If you intend to come along please do post here or email me. If no takers I will stick to the NJ side of the River bypassing CP.

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Daniel (not verified)
Saturday Ride

I'm in, 9a.m. @ the Boat House.

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Sam AA (not verified)

Alright, for all who emailed but weren't committal. If you made your mind just show up at the BH @ 9:00. Ride is on.

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