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Any interest in a Sunday afternoon ride? This won't appeal to the Hogwich'ers, but may to the Sunday brunch crowd. B18 or B19 pace up to Piermont or Nyack with only a 5-min pit stop (don't want to cool down and then have to warm back up).

Why Sunday afternoon?
1. The Hogwich series is a great idea, but the start time is too early for the night owls.

2. Afternoons are warmer!

3. Sunday afternoon riding wards off the couch potato-ism that afflicts many (or at least me) during the football season.

1pm kickoff (I couldn't resist!) at the Boathouse. Please post or email if interested. 3 riders makes a ride. Rain or wet roads cancels.

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Michael (not verified)
Sunday B18 Piermont Ride


Good to talk with you on the phone.

Just to confirm the B18 Piermont ride on Sunday. The revised departure time is 12 noon and the departure location is now Engineer's Gate at 90th street.

-- Michael

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Joe (not verified)

Sounds good Michael.

If anyone else wants to join, 12pm at Engineer's Gate. Best to post if you'll be joining, so we'll know to wait.

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Joe (not verified)

Thanks for coming Michael and Grace. The weather worked out perfectly. I'll post again for next Sunday.

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