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"It's time to kick off the Hogwich series this Sunday at 8:30 AM on the Jersey side of the GWB. Some things to consider if you are joining us:

1. We leave 8:30 sharp. Just ask all the folks who missed rides last winter.

2. My goal this winter is for no prolonged stops. We will stop for a pee break if necessary, and we will stops for flats and mechanicals. If someone flats, that's the pee break.

3. I listed the pace at 18-20 mph. If you are comfortable on most ""A"" rides, this pace should seem easy. The pace on this ride will be easier than most of the ""A"" rides I've done with other leaders this year. That being said, we are not afraid to pick up the pace on tailwind flats, slight downhills, etc. NO COASTING.

4. Easier on the uphills. We are not regrouping on climbs so it's important we stay together. Therefore, if you consider yourself a much poorer climber than your ""A"" rider peers, this ride may not be up your alley. I don't plan on throwing in any major climbs, but that could change depending on my mood.

5. No maps or cue-sheets. So it's real important that you are confident you can stick with the group, if you don't know your way around Bergen / Rockland Co. However, I plan to stick with standard routes the NYCC has ridden a million times before, with few turns (like 9W, Oak Tree, Strawtown, etc.)

6. If you have questions you can call me at work: 212-741-0100 or on my cell: 646-651-9760. I won't be checking this board after 5:00 pm friday.

See you all Sunday!


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Rob Marcus (not verified)
Nowich or Hogwich??

"Hey Todd,
Your post was pretty clear, but I figured I would ask before the ride with a few questions.

In this weeks email ride listing mentions two groups in the ride. Those who ""Hogwich"" (break) and those who do not break ""Nowich"". Am I correct or has the ride changed.

I rode with you on the return from Pearl River. I was the ""sweep"" with the J & J jersey. It was not my plan as I got passed, however speeds that hit 26mph on the flats are fun, but I am not a racer. I can hold my own on 21+ and if I get get dropped you can say I warned you. However, 26 is a bit much and I expect to bring up the rear on the hills but that's okay too.

So I guess the point is will this be 19-21 or are we off to the races again.

Thanks in advance.

Rob Marcus

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Todd Brilliant (not verified)

yeah, we probably hit some high speeds on rivervale going home from pearl river. that road is notoriously fast. it's not flat, but downhill, and we had a awsome tailwind. i remember thinking about how fast we'd be going home when i was eating breakfast in the diner.

there was a big group of us that day who kept up just fine because of those conditions. i don't expect conditions like that this weekend, however, if we hit a road with a gradual descent and a wicked tailwind, then yes, we will go fast (very fast). if we didn't go that fast, people in the back would be on their brakes. we shouldn't be coasting on tailwind-aided downhills.

anyway, the ride is listed as 18-20 mph and i'll try hard to stick to that plan. this means when we get back to the bridge your computer should read an average of 15-17 mph.

my ride listing stated that if there's a group that wants to break for a meal, then that would be awsome for those who want to stop. it probably wouldn't be a bad thing to split the group anyway.


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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I got it, Of course I was talking more of the flat flats not the decents. In any case, hope to see you Sunday

Cheers x too

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Claudette (not verified)

"I will likely attend (I may need to turn around early as I have some family obligations later in the day) but I am trying to stay in my ""zone"" so 18 is about right for the ride. Anything goes downhill and I am truly molasses (for now!) going uphill. So don't worry, Rob, you will have company in me at least for part of the way.

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Devraj Roy (not verified)

I will most likely make it as well. What do you think will be the total mileage and the approximate return time? Have brunch plans in the afternoon...


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