Hey peeps, Thursday anyone?

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I've been out of commision for 3 weeks due to foot surgery but I'm back to kick November out.

Is anyone doing the thursday rides anymore?

Get back to me: greg.faberATgmail.com

A20-21, like jeff's pace, jeff's route

930 at the boathouse?
the weather will be stupendous!

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Colleen (not verified)
now the wed. ride

Hi Greg,

We've been doing the ride, but on Wed. Leaving tomorrow from Grant's Tomb at 9:00 am.


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Jim N (not verified)
Couldn't make this morning's ride with Colleen

So tomorrow (Thursday) anyone? Right now the NOAA is saying slight chance of rain before 10. Maybe 9:30 Boathouse to Piermont? And back, even?


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Phil (not verified)

"Jim - If not raining, I can make Thurs 9:30 BH to Piermont & back. Fyi I *averaged* around 17mph on my last solo trip to Piermont the other day (which included one leg through the Palisades Park ""big"" hills), but my speed on the flats was 21+.

Phil - [email protected]"

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Greg Faber (not verified)

I'll be there at 930am

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Greg Faber (not verified)

I'll be there at 930am

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Arthur Prinslow (not verified)
im in (nm)
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Zenzi (not verified)

I might join you if the weather agrees in the AM, my alarm clock and I reach an agreement, and if the route isn't too complicated or I can hang (I do 20+ on flats and ride fine with Colleen's group). How far is it to Piermont?

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big_shoes (not verified)

It's only 40 miles give or take (round trip) to Piermont from NYC.

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