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Does anyone know what airlines let you check bicycles? Where can I get a bike box? Are there any stores that can pack my bike for me?



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Michael Steiner (not verified)

"NYCC rents bike boxes, see the latest bulletin for info.

You can find general info related traveling with bicycles via following links and by searching this message board:

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
NYCC Resources

"See the ""Packing Your Bike for Public"" amd ""Baggage Regulations for Bikes"" links at NYCC Resources section of this website"

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tailwind (not verified)
bike box

Most bike shops will either give you an old box or pack it for you for approximately $50.

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Guy (not verified)
Avoid FedEx Ground!!

In recent years, I have avoided the difficulty of carrying the bike in a case/box by shipping, a few days before I depart, via shippers such as UPS, FedEx & DHL.

A few months ago, I shipped 2 bikes via FedEx. Aside from other problems, the bikes arrived 3 days later than promised by FedEx, making the very point of taking bikes meaningless. FedEx's response was to provide me incorrect information with each inquiry I made.

Even worse, the return of the bikes/boxes to NY resulted in massive destruction to the bikes/boxes. The boxes looked as though they were tumbled, many times, rendering an accordian-like cardboard box. In addition, holes & gashes in the boxes bent/bashed one frame & various other parts were also destroyed.

The worst insult is the TOTAL DISREGARD of FedEx staff & management in handling the claim, which is still outstanding...months later!

Fortunately, I have full documentation so that I will ultimately be paid for my losses but the time wasted makes FedEx a total & complete waste of time.

Over the years, I have shipped bikes domestically & internationally, both by airline I was flying as well as UPS or DHL &, by far, FedEx stands out as the absolute worst of the worst!

In short, AVOID FED EX for bikes or any valuables!!!

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)

My experience has been the exact opposite.

Flawless service from FedEx Ground. Appalling service from UPS.

I think you take your chances either way, but FedEx is #1 in my book.

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April (not verified)

Yep, take your chances either way.

I've only used UPS. They are not the greatest (demage even in hardside box). But they did handle my claim very well. They even pick up the over-night shipping charge for my busted derailleur which the local shop don't have in stock.

The trick? I said I was in the area for a RACE, and must have a working bike by the weekend.

If I use the cardboard box for bikes at all, it would be only via the airline, and in direct flights only (the more the package get loaded and unloaded, the most chance for demage). I would never dream of SHIPPING a bike using those flimsy boxes. It's pretty much like rolling the dice. Eventually it's going to happen (demage)!

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Jan (not verified)
Fed Ex wrecked my bike

Recently, FedEx destroyed my carbon bike. It was 11 months old & they depreciated it by about 1/3 in their payment to me...which took months.

I've used other shippers since I travel with my bike several times a year and, aside from some minor things, no complaints about anyone but Fed Ex!

The worst of it was, their customer service is horrible.

I'd never use Fed Ex, again, for anything.

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