Quarkhill road

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I think i have discovered a new hill deep in the Ramapo Mtns.Basically on unexplored terriitory. Its a 5mile climb averaging 11% with some switchbacks
and some extended pitchs of 24% or greater.


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Arthur Prinslow (not verified)

"oh you dont know.. its off of Staghill road , its a semiprivate road . I was there wed and saw these dudes
on the road with carpenters levels and i said "" Hey man you guys carpenters?"" they justy laughe and said they wuz measuring the pitch of the road. Geez.. dont people have better things to do.Anway its areel nasty hill..."

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Bill Koslow (not verified)

"I know that place well. It s home for the Ramapo Mtn Indians..aka""Jackson whites"" . Its like Deliverance up there on staghill road. Make sure you go packed with at least a 9 mm... I was upthere 10 yrs ago there were lots of buned out cars and I even saw a flipped over police car!Not many folks know about quarkhill road because they're too afraid to venture up the first few miles of Staghill road.Mostly hardpack and then if the start throwing rocks at you its too dangerous!! Good luck if you do go"

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
There ain't no such animal

11% climbs 580' per mile. That gives you a 2900' vertical for 5 miles. The highest point in Pennsylvania is Mount Davis at 3,213 feet. It is in the Allegheny Mtns. The other 4 places with an elevation over 2900' also have bases nowhere near sea level.

Google does not come up with it in either NJ or PA. Where is it?

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