Best route - Brooklyn to Allentown, PA??

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Any suggestions for getting from Brooklyn to Allentown by bike? Or mostly by bike? Ferry to NJ? PATH to Newark?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Got you to the gap at Belvidere, NJ

Dunno what to tell you about the rest.

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John Miller (not verified)

NJTransit can get you as far as Raritan on the weekends. It's forty up and down miles from there to the Delaware River.

From Easton, PA to Allentown is approximately twenty miles, and there is supposedly a path along the Lehigh river:

Can't vouch for it personally, haven't done it myself.

Once in the area, though, the riding is beautiful. Ten minutes from the front door of my sister's house on the west end of Allentown and I'm in rolling farm country. The area's developing quickly but there are a lot of farms, particularly Amish, that are protected from development by state law.

Good luck

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Jay (not verified)
Rte 46 after 202 has nice shoulders to PA border

I took it from 202 to Easton PA and Allentown is past Easton--46 from GWB to 202 not so good.

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Jay (not verified)
Raritan & Belvidere might be too far South

I'm oot now and dont have a map but I think...

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tom m (not verified)
advcyling route to Easton

Try Adventure Cycling's [] spur route from Newark to Lambertville, NJ, and connect to its East Coast route north to Easton. Shorten the ride and avoid the traffic by taking NJ Transit to Raritan, where you can pick up the route. I've ridden this route from Brooklyn and it's very sweet riding from Raritan, mostly flat once you hit the Delaware River, and doable in a day.
Advantage is advcycling maps follow lower-trafficked roads and list all the amenities and bike shops along the way, should you need them. Disadvantage is you'd have to join advcycling and their routes may not be fastest and most direct. (let me know and i could lend you, or let you peek at, their map(s)) Best luck.

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Hannah (not verified)
no membership required

"Actually, anyone can buy AC maps; see If you use their routes, I recommend also buying a decent area map, as the strip of roads shown on the AC maps is very narrow, so if you need to deviate from the route at all you'll likely end up off the map.


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