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Hey all, what is one to do riding over 60 miles in the park solo? Any bathrooms I can sneak my bike in? Any very secluded.... thanks.

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

The Rambles Shed (on the left at the top of Cat's Paw Hill - the hill just past the Boathouise) has bathrooms that are secluded and you can bring a bike into.

But the real question is, why are you doing 60 miles in the Park??!! You'll get dizzy doing that many loops. Go over the bridge and enjoy scenic Bergen and Rockland Counties.

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Jay (not verified)
We always use the bathrooms at the Boathouse

where most of our rides start--just north of 72nd St entrance to the Park from 5th Ave. Cyclists bring their bikes into the bathroom there.

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Paul (not verified)
Bathrooms at Delacorte Theater

The bathooms at the Delacorte Theater (in the brick building between the road and the theater, West Side at 81st St) are large enough for bikes.

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