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"This week ""Patisserie Didier Dumas"" opened at 163 Main St, just past the theatre on the South side of the street. Mssr Dumas , from Marseille, was formerly the pastry chef at Jean Jacques, where NYCC Westch rides have frequently stopped. By looks of the goods in the case, he seems to be talented.

Up the road a bit on the North side(256) is the spacious ""La Boqueria/Ned's Irongate Gourmet"" (closed Sundays). On Saturday's ride we stopped there for lunch at Ellen J's suggestion and I had a decent Cuban sandwich.

In addition to quality baked goods, they both offer sandwiches, etc for lunch and the 2d one has racks of gourmet groceries. Both now have indoor tables and will have al fresco dining in the spring.

Main St is the main East-West drag going up from Broadway past Starbucks towards 9W. It eventually becomes cyclist-unfriendly Route 59 which heads towards the largest shopping mall East of the Mississippi."

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Ellen (not verified)

La Boqueria has occasional Sunday this coming, when Hector promised they'd be open.
Hope so, for the sake of a tranquil Nyack lunch stop this Sunday..... and their excellent coffee.

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Jay (not verified)
more restaurant news

According to the Rockland Bicycle Club, the Runcible Spoon was sold and the new owners want to keep it going in the same direction. The Rockland site also touted the Trailside Cafe in Sparkill--I haven't been there yet.

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Jay (not verified)
Trailside Cafe Sparkill

It's next door to the Post Office on Main St

It's open on weekends only and yes it's (somewhat) alongside a bike trail--the newly paved Orangetown Trail. If you go around the PO and past Relish Restaurant (gourmet for dinner, probaly no spandex), you will see the trail behind a small parking lot.

Go left on the trail and you will wind up on Oak Tree Rd in Tappan, NY. Go right and you can traverse the new $3,000,000 (+/-) bicycle bridge, which will take you across Rte 303 and almost into Lowe's Home Center parking lot or to another street which goes to Western Highway. Eventually the trail will go all the way to Blauvelt!

I haven't eaten there yet but Rockland Bike Club's president, Dave Schloss liked it. With a big bicycle on their sign it can't be that bad. Also there are going to be arts & crafts tables, etc.

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