Nov. 26 Hills of Rockland route change

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Because the 26th is post-Thanksgiving Sunday, there is some concern that Metro North will not look kindly on our train return from either Garrison or Cold Spring.
Therefore, a route change is in order.
We'll stick closer to home and do 'The Knot'.
Here's the deal........
Only if we approach the intersection of Clausland and Tweed from all directions can we claim to have tied “The Knot’.
You'll need to get your climbing legs on. We're going up Bradley, Tweed, Clausland, South Boulevard.
Lunch stop at the Blauvelt Diner or La Boqueria.
Prompt 9AM start at the NJ side of the GWB.
Mileage(from GWB): 50+

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Ellen (not verified)
Still a B16

We'll keep to 16mph on the flats.
Knock yourself out on the climbs.

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Betsy (not verified)
What if we can't...

...knock ourselves out on the climbs? Will you wait?

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Tanya (not verified)

The question is if YOU will wait for the rest of the group.

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Ellen (not verified)

As usual, we'll regroup at the top.....or another designated spot.

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Ellen (not verified)
pre-ride pitstop

You can find a pre-ride coffee and bathroom at The Fort Lee News Bar.
Left after the GWB, up the hill as if going to River Road. Right at the stop sign. It's up two blocks on the left.
We're out of there at 8:50 to meet the group at the bridge.

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Ellen (not verified)

A few have emailed about return time.......
barring unforeseen mechanicals, etc, we'll be back at the GWB by 3PM, so all can ride home in daylight.

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jmf (not verified)
Unkindly, perhaps, but Sun after Tksgvg not listed as restricted

Just checking the listed restrictions. I agree that they may not look upon it too kindly, but for anyone caught in a pinch, Metro North is still an option. (Eve / Day / Friday after are the days listed as restricted)


Metro North Site

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Ellen (not verified)

Bike access onto a Metro North train is more dependent upon conductor discretion than their own written rules, unfortunately.

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Ellen (not verified)
gps profile

Don sent along his gps profile for today's ride. Check it out......

5100'+ over a mere 55 miles!

Thanks to everyone for making the suffering nearly fun.

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