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"Can anyone recommend a cycling-savvy doctor who can help me get my ITBS (and possibly other problems) under control?

Some background: After riding last year's NY Century undertrained and on a poorly fitted bike, I developed debilitating pain in my right knee. My GP misdiagnosed the problem and sent me to two months of useless therapy; an orthopedist later basically told me ""ITBS, do some stretching and you'll be fine"".

Of course, I'm not fine - after several pain-free months, my ITBS came back with a vengeance while I was training for this year's Century and some fall touring. I'd like to talk to someone who works with cyclists and can get at the root causes of this, so I can keep it from recurring at all and hopefully not have my touring plans derailed again...suggestions, anyone?

(Bonus points for a doc who takes BCBS insurance...)


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John (not verified)
Dr. Scott Rodeo at HSS

Dr. Rodeo is team physician for RLX/Polo Cycling Team. He's also an athlete himself.

Good luck!

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jc (not verified)
Dr. Marc Bochner

I had a similar problem when I started this year's B-Sig. The pain built up as I was riding, especially while climbing. The pain became so unbearable that I had to drop out of the Sig. After many sessions with Dr. Bochner I was able to get back on the road.

Bochner's website:

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
"Another vote for ""Dr. Marc"""

Dr. Marc is a chiropractor who practises ART (Active Release Technique?). He has completed many triathlons in the past and works with athletes. He helped me with some hip issues I was having prior to completing an Ironman in 2004 and I've been to him a number of times in addition with other more minor issues.
I'm not an expert but believe the technique (ART) may particularly suitable for ITB?

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Tanya (not verified)
Scott Rodeo and PT

I also vouch for Dr. Scott Rodeo. I saw him a couple of months ago with knee issues. He was recommended on this board and also by some non-cyclists with knee problems who did an extensive research on knee doctors prior to visiting him. Also, I can recommend a wonderful PT place - called Function First, on West 23rd Street, tel: 212-691-4833 (ask for Bill or Joe) - if you are referred to PT.

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Claudette (not verified)
Have you had an MRI?

Could be more than ITBS. Have you had an MRI? Do you have a meniscal tear? What cycling shoes do you wear? Have you changed shoes lately? Sometimes you need to have someone look at your pedal stroke to see what you are doing since this sounds like overuse.

I'm an orthopedist and a cyclist. My office is in Forest Hills. Feel free to email me.

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