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I've got an '03 Specialized Allez Elite w/ALX330 wheels and 105 components and my rear hub is almost busto - it slips occassionally and makes very loud banging noises under load. LBS can shut it up with a $10 clean/lube job, but it only lasts for a month so they recommend replacement.

Now online it looks like a 105 rear hub goes for around $70, while I can get a brand new rear Open Pro/Ultegra wheel from performance ( for around $120. Am I missing something here - custom new wheel + better hub (Ultegra > 105 right?) for only $50 more?

Also how's ordering a wheel from like this work - I just have the LBS slap on the cassette from my busted wheel and I'm good to go?

Thanks for any help, I'm a total idiot with bike components and never got a part online before.

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
New Freehub body

"You can replace the Freehub body portion of the hub. The part itself costs $20 and is on sale here. The bike shop should be able to install it for you for a ten spot, e.g. same price quoted to clean/lube. With this replacement, your rear wheel should last you many more miles/years.

Regarding 105 and Ultegra hubs, at least for the 9 speed-era models (which also accept 10 speed cassettes), they are pretty much identical. I know as I own and have built wheels with both. The Shimano quoted weight is identical. The differences, other than price and name, is that Ultegra has a nicer polished silver finish and 105 has an additional color choice of black.

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Rear wheel

I have a spare 700 c rear wheel with Ultegra hub 9-speed and Mavic open pro rim, from Colorado Cyclist. Has about 2,000 miles on it. Last ridden in 2001. Price $60.

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