Sat :Jay LoHud ride to use new $3,000,000 bike bridge

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Hannah (not verified)
Thanks for the tip

I couldn't make your ride yesterday so I checked out the trail today, the Joseph B. Clarke Rail Trail, picking it up from Oak Tree just off Piermont Road. From there it went a mile or so before coming to a fork in Sparkill: left to continue on the paved trail to Orangetown, right on an unpaved trail to Piermont, with each leg less than two miles (though the unpaved trail continues past Piermont). I did both legs, including the newly opened $3M bridge on the Orangetown leg. Right after this lovely bridge, the trail ends, leaving you near the intersection of two routes starting with 3. (303 and 340?) The Piermont leg takes you into town parallel to but above the canal, with lovely views of the Hudson, leaving you on the very steep street Ash for a brake-squeezing descent into town. The surface for that leg was alternatingly rocky, hard-packed dirt, and gravel--not recommended for light-weight bikes.

On the paved trail, I passed two walkers and one jogger with two dogs. On the unpaved trail I passed a runner and two cyclists.

All in all, not much to write home about, but at least I satisfied my curiosity.


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George Arcarola (not verified)

Hannah, thanks for the review!! Good seeing you today... Ken picked a nice route, and we had a great group!


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Hannah (not verified)

Nice to see you too! Good luck making 5,000 for the year!

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