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We will ride up South Mountain Road to visit The Orchards of Concklin. That was the plan last week, but we shortened the ride, so we'll try again.

Pastry options include apple cider donuts, apple pie, apple fritters, plus many other fresh baked goods.

The ride will be ~60 miles and will include a few decent hills. Please be prepared to ride 30 miles non-stop to the first pitstop. Show up a few minutes early to sign in and use the facilities at The News Bar as needed. The ride will leave at 9am sharp.

The Fort Lee News Bar is located at 140 Main Street in Fort Lee, NJ. Turn left on Hudson Terrace after exiting the GWB, go thru the light, then take a right at the yield sign onto Main street (where you would otherwise go left down the hill to River Rd). The cafe will be on your left.

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Robert Marcus (not verified)

Count me in, unless the wife says no. In which case I will have to buy her something nice.

Whistlin Rob

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
smushed donuts

Smushed apple cider donuts from your jersey pockets would make a lovely gift.

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Robert Marcus (not verified)
Better to be pissed off than pissed on

"I was happily on my way to meet you at the FT Lee News Bar when I saw a cyclist walking his bike over the GWB. So I had to ask if he needed help and at 8:50 am with 10 minutes to get to the meeting point, this guy of course says ""YES"". He had a flat, but looked like he could do the fix himself, except he said his hands were killing him. So I hurridly did the fix and sped to the meeting point. I must have gotten there by 9:08 and you guys were gone.

I am so pissed, but at least I did a good deed.

Hope to catch you next time.

Whistlin Rob"

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Ron Gentile (not verified)

We were wondering what happened to you, we thought your wife didn't let you go.

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Kay Gunn (not verified)
just missed

Hi Rob,

I'm sorry we missed you. We left at 9:05, so you just barely missed us. We had a really nice group that rode together well.

At the Orchards we ran into the only other listed ride for the day - Mordecai & Sebastian's A ride. It was fun seeing them.

I have 3 donuts left. I'll save them for you.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
i'm in

Sounds like a nice ride, I'll be looking forward to it.

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Tony Mantione (not verified)

Is the south walkway of the GWB open ??? I would hate to go all the way around just to join you guys ..

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Carol Waaser (not verified)

The south path is open.

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Avi Robinson (not verified)
Thanks Kay!

Thanks Kay for leading a delightful (if a bit chilly), well-organized ride. Looking forward to riding with you again.

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Fred (not verified)
Kudows to Kay

Good job! Lovely ride, lovely route.

Only complaint: that cilly wind on the way back. You did so well with everything else -- why couldn't you have fixed that?

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