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Photo #1

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The opportunity to help shovel at the organic farm ... or the post-ride sit downs where we get to share about it? (Conceptually redundant.)


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elsa (not verified)

I don't get it , are you against the website presentation ,the photos or the concepts of the tours ?

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[email protected] (not verified)
Yes, yes and not categorically.

"If the tours are as amateurishly handled as their site, I'm inclined to stay away. The pricing don't seem no great bargain neither. Also, at my age, shoveling manure would not be a preferred activity for a day off. More my speed:

Carolina Tailwinds

On the other hand, I've seen rides based on wonderfully eclectic themes. Richard Sanford, a 5BBC leader, has put together language immersion rides to a chinese printing plant and an East Harlem spanish bakery; as well as to a glass blowing plant and the Worksman Bicycle factory in Queens. On 12/16, he's holding a night ride to a Brooklyn bakery:

Saturday, 12/16, 5:45PM, Plaza Hotel, 20 miles
As night-owls, we’ll pry (or fly) our way through the back door of Mazzola’s Bakery, in Brooklyn, where nighttime transforms this quaint little bake shop into a powerhouse of a baking plant. This is a 100% nighttime ride, so lights and visible clothing are a must. Expect a late return. Bring a lock and $ for a stop at a local eatery. Ride leaders Richard Sanford and Maria Cummings. Rain or icy conditions at start cancels.

5BBC Day Rides

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elsa (not verified)

as we know ,it's all in the presentation ,which you obviously don't agree with ,the rides you presented are that of bikers watching other folks making & doing things ,which I applaud , this is all well and good , but if you've noticed that almost all NYCC rides & photos ,except for the highway clean-up , the bikers just either stand ,sit & never miss a chance at a meal .Perhaps performing a public service once in a while wouldn't be such a bad idea!

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[email protected] (not verified)

"""Performing a public service once in a while wouldn't be such a bad idea!""

Of course not, IMO, public service or donations to worthy causes should be an aspect of everyone's life, but that's a separate subject. Aside from commuting, virtually everyone in this club cycles as a leisure activity.

Notwithstanding participation in cycle-related political demonstration (ie; a vigil at City Hall) or a charity ride, I see no particular benefit to mixing the two.

Actually, I take that back. Being part of Richard' Rosenthal's cycle support group for the NYC Marathon wheelchair racers was a blast!"

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April (not verified)
But why?

So you don't like it, which I can understand.

But why bother bringing it up? Do we really need to know and share all the things we don't like?

Frankly, as far as the web site goes, it's in good company of many, many others like it. Annoying? Yes. Uniquely so? Absolutely NOT!

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[email protected] (not verified)
Never mind. (nm)
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Perry Roubaix (not verified)
shovel + excrement

Not so uncommon on this message board.

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