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1. Bellevue
2. NY-Presby
3. Mt Sinai
4. NYU
5. Jacobi
6. Montefiore
7. Hackensack
8. Kings County
9. Yale-New Haven
10. St. Vinncent's

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Claudette (not verified)
This is deceptive

Bellevue is a level one trauma center. This means they have people in house 24 hours a day for major trauma. For sure a good place to go if you have severe injuries.

Sometimes smaller, community hospitals give better care for minor injuries and wait times are considerably shorter. Also, if you know you are going to an ER at a hospital where your primary doctor works, you might get faster treatment if you call your doc and tell him or her you are going to the ER. That way, s/he can perhaps call in and have you seen faster and by the appropriate people.

Just a thought.

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Sammy (not verified)
Where would you go? Others experiences?


Since you sound like a doctor, where would YOU be asked to be taken if you had a bad but not life threatening crash in Central Park assuming you don't have a primary care doctor at one of the hospitals on the list? This is a question I have always thought would be a good idea to know.

Thanks for your help!


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bill vojtech (not verified)

I'm betting if you have life threatening injuries, you won't have a choice– you'll be unconcious.

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Sammy (not verified)


I said ""bad but NOT life threatening"" injuries...."

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me (not verified)

I would go to Mount Sinai for any injury sustained in Central Park. That also happens to be where I work, but I trained at Columbia and Cornell so am familiar with those medical centers too. Sinai has an excellent full service E.R. with a separate pediatric E.R. -- one of the few in the city. The E.R. is newly renovated, clean, and well staffed. I know many of the E.R. attendings there and would go there myself for any care I needed. Best of all, it is very close to Central Park.

Just my 2 cents.

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