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Hooray to Hannah for leading us through the bike trails of Westchester and Putnam Counties! Thanks for the killer weather.

Train ride to Brewster: Nada
Long, fat juicy pickle at lunch: $2
Cab ride for injured rider: ~$10
Heated bathrooms in Briarcliff Manor: PRICELESS

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Tanya (not verified)
I second it

Thanks, Hannah, for the great ride. And the weather could not be better (although it could be more natural for November).

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Barbara (not verified)
Thanks from me as well Hannah!

A scenic traffic free ride on a beautiful day...priceless indeed.

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)

Hannah -- great ride -- sorry we missed you at the end! But it was a wonderful day. Thanks again!

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Hannah (not verified)
thank *you*

Thanks for being such a great group! Derek's help as sweep was invaluable, and credit goes to Wayne for the cue sheet.

The rider who went down reports that he got checked out that night and is A-OK. Both he and I wrote to Westchester Parks about the offending bump on the trail.

Happy riding!

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Derek (not verified)

"This ""Wayne"" guy has sure been keeping a low profile lately.
Sheesh, you'd think the dude who was voted ""Best B Trip Leader"" in 2005 would be a bike stud and recover quicker from a wee wrist injury! Wayne - Get well soon. Get back on the road, dude! What would Lance do?"

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An anonymous cow! (Christian Edstrom) (not verified)


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Derek (not verified)

bump. Here you go Wayne - it was nice seeing you at the Holiday Party.

Are you a weenie B rider?? what are you doing with that wrist anyway?? heh heh

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