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Anyone recommend a bike rental shop in Paris that rents out high-end road bikes? I'll be in Paris for a few days in Mid-Dec. I was think of bringing my pedals and cleats w/ me in case the weather was good. Suggestions?

Thank you.

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Madamoiselle (not verified)

Sorry, good weather/December/Paris don't normally all go together.

But there may be something - just google or go to craigslist for europe.

Have fun all the same lucky dude.

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Hannah (not verified)
Alex Singer shop

Dunno if they rent bikes, but a good bike tourist would not want to miss this famous shop.

who regrets not being a good bike tourist when she visited Paris

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Matt P. (not verified)

I've been to Paris four or five times and never really considered riding a road bike there. It's big-city cycling like NYC: narrow roads, fast cars, lots of traffic. Oh, and cobbles, too. Paris is for museums and cafes, IMHO.

A frequent poster on RoadBikeReview lives in Paris. E-mail him.

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Jeff (not verified)
Cycling loops in Paris

"I spent the summer of 2002 in Paris and rode (a road bike) daily there. I brought my own bike with me so I cannot help with rental information. I would agree with previous posters about 1) riding in December... not only can it be cold and wet, but you will find there to be significantly less daylight hours there than you are used to and 2) the inconvenience of riding on the streets there, but if you are used to riding in NYC I think it is similar - with the exception that you do not normally see the Eiffel Tower in NYC (but you can see a Statue of Liberty in Paris)!
My real contribution here is that you should check out the cycling loops in the two large parks of Paris, one on the east side and the other on the west side of the city. I rode hundreds of miles on these loops (probably similar in length to riding Prospect Park) and the cool thing is that if you are open to it and your wheel is steady, you will find ample opportunity to ride in fast pacelines with others. People seem to be a bit more open to sucking your wheel there than here. If you are smart and pull off in time, you won't be blown off the back after you've taken your turn and you'll also have a wheel to follow!
My favorite loop was in the Bois de Vincennes, but the Bois do Bologne is a longer loop and fantastic too. I'd limit my time there to the daylight hours too. Have fun!"

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