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Channel 7 wants to interview cyclists or pedestrians who have been hit by a red-light running driver.

This afternoon.

If you are available, please contact Noah at Transportation Alternatives. 212.629.8080, 5, 1

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RichardFernandez (not verified)

"Ok here we go,ready?Ok,Traffic lights do not stop vehicles.I repeat TRAFFIC LIGHTS DO NOT STOP VEHICLES!!!!!!!!application of the brakes do(most of the time).It kills me how common it is for people to walk out into the street and never look to see what may be comming because the crosswalk signal says its ok to cross the street.I dont have any children but if I did I would certainly train them to understand that traffic signals are only indicators to the operator of a vehicle.When the operator applys the brakes the vehicle slows and then comes to a stop,we hope.This is the theory,not simply walk across the streeet because everyone else is or because it says""yeah pal it cool to cross""."

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Airing tonight

I hear that the segment will air tonight on Channel 7, at 11pm.

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Km Jenkins (not verified)
Channel 7

I'm in the segment and according to the reporter, Jeff Rossen, it will air tonight on the 11pm news.

Here is his bio -

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Two truly mindless remarks: DoT Comm Weinshall & Dep. Mayor

"In this story DoT Commissioner Iris Weinshall almost boasted gleefully that while there appear to be c. 200 cameras recording red light runners at intersections, actually only 50 of them work and record; the others are phonies.

I ask you: What is the point of revealing that?

Here's another profoundly stupid remark, this one by Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff in Friday's NY Times. The article was about congestion pricing: you want to drive on certain heavily trafficked midtown streets at certain times, you pay for the privilege. His mindless remark? ""(W)e need to provide additional capacity on every mode of transportation.""

Yeah, right: we need to increase our streets' capacity and capability to handle more cars. Not."

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big_shoes (not verified)

You're so funny Richard - and you're RIGHT!

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)


I had thought of why the DOT might reveal to the public that some of the cameras were bogus. Perhaps they wanted to publicly address legislators that they were not breaking the law by adding more cameras than were mandated. Perhaps they thought the risk/ benefit ratio was still in their favor and they could flaunt their Russian roulette.

As to the second statement, history had taught us about under valued markets: if you build roads, they will come. Some things don't change.

The Queens police shooting stole the thunder from the issue of parade permits. Now the media and NYPD have bigger fish to fry and we lost public impact. Had it happened just as this shooting's media focus died down we could have had more PR leverage.

My email to you bounced back to me.

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PLee (not verified)
Bogus cams

Hank got it right. The NY legislature placed a limit on the number of camera locations in NYC. So the city set up more locations with the supporting equipment than is permitted for live cameras, and then moves the cameras around just to keep drivers honest.

The question is why the legislature felt it necessary to limit the number of cameras.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
red light cams, real vs bogus

The AAA spilled the beans on that one a long time ago.

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