Keo cleats on other Look pedals

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Well enough to get through a Spin class?

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Steve (not verified)

They cleats are different so be careful.

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David (not verified)

I tried, didn't work at all.

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Jonathan (not verified)
Keo Cleats in other Look Pedals

"The Keo cleats are a different shape. If you have traditional Look or what I think they call Look ""Delta"" pedals, your Keo cleats will slide around a bit and under load you'll most likely pop out of them. That's what happaned to me when I tried to ride older, non-Keo Look pedals with Keo cleats. They will sort of work but then not just when you need them to. better to get some of the older cleats for spin class (and a pair of cheap shoes to go with them so you don't have to keep swapping them with your road shoes)."

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