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hi all,
I'm a keen cyclist from the UK and I'm visiting NY for the weekend with my wife. While she's busy shopping it'd be great to hire a bike and join a club run to get some miles in...

Any pointers on how to organise it? We're staying near central park.

thanks for any help

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Steve (not verified)

"You can ""hire"" a bike for a day from Toga Bike Shop located on 66th and West End Avenue."

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Steve (not verified)

I should clarify that you can hire a proper road bike (bring your pedals and shoes) at Toga and probably a few other shops around the city.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
The big bike rentals list

It's a few years old so be sure to call ahead. FYI, in NYC rental bikes = beaters. Don't get your hopes up of finding brand-new high-end road bikes.

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Hannah (not verified)
an even better list

"The list at is more up to date.

For just park riding on clunky, heave bikes, you can rent right in Central Park by the Boat House, in the parking lot adjacent to East Drive just north of the 72nd Street entrance.


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Colleen (not verified)
what weekend?

The message board often has pick up rides posted for the weekend, in addition to regularly scheduled club rides. How many miles do you want to do and what pace do you ride?

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
metro bikes

An ex-NYCC friend came to town recently and rented a pretty nice Trek roadbike from Metro Bikes on West 96 Street. 212-663-7531. Definitely worth checking out. And definitely check our ride listings and message board to see if there is a ride you might like to join. Have a good visit.

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mike (not verified)

hi all, I'm the original poster on this thread

thanks for your suggestions on this, but my wife threatened all kinds of violence if I tried to spend a day on a bike, so I've been wandering around the big department stores instead. And what a joy that's been..

If you're ever in Cambridge (UK), drop me a line and I'll point you at some great roads!

all the best

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PLee (not verified)
Big department stores

There's a good sized store on the corner of 17th Street and Broadway that you can show your wife, Paragon. It's a large sporting goods store. You can call it a department store of a sporting type, if you like! You might have some fun wandering around in there.

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