Sat. A 21 60 Mile Ride -- Bronx Trails to Croton Hills Peekskill

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  • Sat. A 21 60 Mile Ride -- Bronx Trails to Croton Hills Peekskill
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Colleen Conway and I are planning to lead a ride from the boathouse at 9 AM on Saturday (Nov. 11) up into Westchester via the South and North County trails to some familiar roads in the hills around Croton. Distance is approximately 60 miles. Train back from Peekskill, so bring a bike pass.

We did this route (designed by Scott Blau) earlier this summer with some friends and talked about how nice it would be to return in autumn. It's a bit later in the season than we'd planned, but it still should be a nice ride.

This is not a race, especially since we'll probably need to ride below pace on the trails for safety sake. On other parts we will ride together as a group. So paceline skills are important.

Please RSVP to [email protected]***.edu (remove the asterisks) or conwayco*** (again remove the asterisks) to let us know if you plan to join us.

Looking forward to a nice ride!


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David C. (not verified)

Please RSVP if you are thinking of doing this by Friday 5 PM. check the message board later Friday.

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David C (not verified)
bmp (nm)
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David C (not verified)
The ride is on

For anyone wondering, the ride is on. Looks to be beautiful weather and a friend up in Westchester road the South county trail tonight and said it was very clear (and that the North county trail only had some leaves on it). We'll gather a few minutes before 9 at the boathouse and head out.

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Sam AA (not verified)

Glorious day and enjoyable ride. Thanks Dave and Colleen.

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