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"Wanted to try to get away for a ""working vacation"" week in December. My boyfriend is not a cyclist so I would mostly be riding on my own. Any thoughts of someplace navigable and warm with a decent hotel and food?

I know, a tough assignment, but this group is gold when it comes to good suggestions.

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
southern California

Hard to beat the San Diego Hostel ride

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Vik (not verified)
San Diego Hostel Ride

What is this?

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Carol Waaser (not verified)
The Christmas Ride

"Six-day ride that takes place between Christmas and New Years every year. Starts & ends in San Diego, loops up into the mountains, down through the desert and along the coast. Beautiful scenery, great cycling. Indoor camping with motel options. You can register for it on Active.com. Go to San Deigo Ride for more info about the ride."

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Bob Ross (not verified)

We're doing a cycling vacation to Tucson AZ this coming February. Gorgeous scenery, cool/dry air with plenty of sunshine, extremely cycle-friendly city. I guess the food's okay.

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Anna (not verified)


Do you have more information on your cycling trip to Tuscan? Also, do you have any route suggestions in case I headed down there on my own before February?


feel free to email me individually at: [email protected]

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Bob Ross (not verified)

Anna, I sent you private email with a bunch of Tucson biking resources, but, in case anyone else reading this was interested, I wanted to mention the most valuable assett I've found: The MegaHurtz Cycling Club's list of Tucson bike rides, complete with maps, at

(well, that's second only to having retired parents with a huge house in Tucson.)

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Amy Blau (not verified)

Hawaii is a great suggestion, the Big Island...though they have had some damage with recent weather so check it out. I have routes; feel free to contact me off message board and I can send them.
New Zealand is awesome, especially South Island.
Costa Rica is supposed to be great. Check Cabo...
Maybe around San Diego. I wonder if Belize is cyclable?

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DR (not verified)
Napa and Sonoma!

I would highly recommend riding in Napa and/or Sonoma. Beautiful roads, great scenery, excellent food (and wine of course), good weather - even at this time of year.

I just got back from spending a few days there, and was kicking myself for not having taken my bike...

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Jay (not verified)
are you willing to travel internationally & budget factors

There is some great biking in Guadeloupe, Hawaii, (good hotels & food!!)etc., etc. BTW there are r/t fares to Hawaii under $500.

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Betsy Hafkin (not verified)

...can one find RT fares to HI at such low rates?

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Claudette (not verified)

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'll let you know where we end up!

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

I am currently in the Dominican Republic. Temps are in the 90´s and the cycling is superb. $99 each way on JetBlue.

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Stéphane (not verified)
Ron in the DR


I've heard you are opening a Tekserve outpost there. Since this is not about vacation, your e-mail should not be posted under this heading.
I hope the webmasters will block those nasty messages which tend to demoralize us, poor New York bikers.


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Jay (not verified)
Newark-Maui under $500 r/t in Jan on United

check UAL site

BTW Maui is as good as any place for biking see my NYCC Bulletin article last year (archives)

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
Hawaii--West Maui Perimeter


I've visited Hawaii, esp. Maui, a good number of times with a bicycle. Here's my account of cycling the perimeter of West Maui, for the 5BBC newsletter. with color photos:


cycling trips