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"Great riding today for the NYC marathon ride, but not without a few hitches.

Does anyone know the status of the NYCC'er who had the accident near the Brooklyn/Queens border?

After the accident, the police in the area decided not to allow us to ride further along the marathon route and our group got split. Further down, a few of us from one split got blocked trying to get onto the QB bridge bike path due to an officer with an inflated attitude who refused to let anyone pass ""because I said so"". Presumably he knew of the ""cycle club"" marathon group and we observed them passing next to him just before we got there but because our group approached from a different direction he didn't believe us, treated us like criminals and wouldn't let us go for over ten minutes until finally 4 or 5 more riders showed up and the herd became too much that he had to give in. All this just for the bike path, which wasn't blocked coming from Manhattan anyway.

Lesson learned is stick together as a group for next year, no matter what. Official communication along the route is not coordinated with regards to riders and individual squads will do as they please.

Thanks for the ride.


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grace (not verified)
marathon ride

Thrilling ride today! Got through without a hitch. Cops were very nice directing me through the detour to Queensboro Bridge. Go figure. Thanks to all and especially Carol, Peter & Alfredo.

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Ronald Birnbaum (not verified)

"""Cops were very nice directing me through the detour to Queensboro Bridge.""

I guess it depended on the cop."

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