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**Disclaimer: I did a few searches so as not to look like a nosepicker asking what has been talked about exhaustively in the past, but did not find the answer to my question.**

I vaguely remember hearing some hard to believe perk of being a member of Adventure Cycling was that you got two free vouchers per year for bike cases on major airlines. This was many miles ago and I could be completely making it up in my own mind, but can anybody confirm/deny this? Would certainly be worth the membership and more. Thanks so much.

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Basil Ashmore (not verified)
Seems no - see below...

"From FAQ at Adventure Cycling Association:

Do you still have the deal with the airlines so your bike can fly for free?
No, Northwest canceled that offer back in January. We do have a deal with Sports Express -- if you ship your bike via FedEx or UPS, you get a small discount. Also, the League of American Bicyclists has a ""Bikes Fly Free"" deal with Frontier and America West airlines. We are affiliated with the League and recommend that cyclists consider joining that organization as well as ours."

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Sonny (not verified)

With USA Cycling for your $60 membership, you get 2 free vouchers for United.

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