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"I do not understand how members of the NYCC are expected to vote intelligently Yea or Nay for a ""package"" of revisions to the Bylaws. We should have the opportunity to vote for each change, revision and/or addition to the Bylaws on the respective merits- not for all of them in one ""package."" There isn't even a reference to where the changes are posted.

In years past when there were two or more changes to the Bylaws they were voted upon separately, and the changes were printed in the ballot. We did not vote blindly.

If the ballot remains as published in the November Bulletin, then I urge all of you to vote Nay - in order that we may have a the opportunity to judge each revision, etc., on its own merits."

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

"There is a link to the proposed changes on the home page....
here it is"

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Geo Carl Kaplan (not verified)

"There isn't any link on the ballot, and link or no link, that does not address the problem of voing for a ""package."""

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