Today's not the day for CP laps

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)


I suspect it was mucho colder/windier than when we all were out ""lapping"" yesterday?



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Colleen (not verified)

"My husband came back this morning saying exactly those words. ""Today is not the day for CP laps."" Many many pre-marathoners populating the loop."

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Jim N (not verified)
It's not the cold

It's that there are 1000 marathoners getting in their last few miles before the big race, not to mention all the setup.

Tomorrow's also not the day for CP laps.

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Morene (not verified)
Great day for Piermont, though

It was a magnificent day to play hooky and ride to Piermont...9W was sundrenched on the way back, and the company was good...thanks again, Michael!

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