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I am going to a discussion at Columbia University tonight. Does anyone know of a good restaurant for a casual meal in that neighborhood. Not very picky about the type of food, it should just be good.

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Barbara (not verified)
The Mill

I like The Mill for Bi Bim Bop...

The Mill Korean Restaurant

2895 Broadway, New York 10025
At 113th St

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Sonny (not verified)

Thanks for the suggestion but not to be a pain but I had Korean on Tuesday. Also, I live 5 blocks from Koreatown so I regularly go to some really good place.

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Bart Wellens (not verified)

oh man, only in new york!

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Christophe Jammet (not verified)

i believe its called MAx Zoha.

fantastic italian food

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Ron Thomson (not verified)

do you need a bike friendly restaurant?

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Sienna (not verified)
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hogwich guy (not verified)
columbian food

That's my hood. Try Swish on Broadway between 116th and 115th. It's a pan-asian place, with Japanese, Chinese and Thai food.

Ollie's is next door with good noodles.

Really good shwarma and other middle-eastern food is Amir's. It's real casual and cheap. They do chicken shwarma, too. That's a block or 2 down from Swish.

I hear cafe pertutti is a good casual Italian place, but never tried it. That's somewhere around 113th or so also on Broadway.

And I loved the veggie burger at Le Monde on Broadway also around 113th. But it's more expensive than the other places.

Happy eating.

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Sonny (not verified)

Thanks Hogwich guy! I just need a place to eat without bike. I usually do not trust citysearch, chow hound or any of the other sites but I do trust the Hogwich guy.

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jmf (not verified)
dessert suggestion

Save room for dessert at the Hungarian Pastry Shop (111th & Amsterdam).

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