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"There was an earlier thread asking for recommendations on a good set of wheels. My team has been using Neuvations this past year. They are very good and the price is right. They are solid and lightweight, with very good hubs.
Make no mistake, this is an endorsement, and one I heartily give.
There is an overstock of the R28 SL2 on the Neuvation web site. If you're shopping early for your favorite cycling Kris Kringle, give them a look.

If you've tried Neuvations and want to add to this thread, please let others know how you feel.

I am not being paid or compensated for this endorsement. Neuvation supports my team, Champion System Racing, and we are very pleased with them.

Tim Casey

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J (not verified)

I have about 500 miles on my new Neuvation R28 SL2s.

Stiff, 1440 grams, spin up quickly and seem solid. Look great too.

John Nuegent is reachable by phone or email.

The price, front and back, with skewers and extra spoke: 299.00. No tax, no delivery charge. A steal! I'm getting another set. I would compare them to Ksyrium SLs.

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J (not verified)

That's extra spokeS.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I am 210 6 ft, Muscular guy. Would these wheels work for me? Are these the old Hubs or the new Hubs that you refer.

John Neugent refeered me to the M28 because I would use them for commution also, any thoughts?

thanks Robert MArcus

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John Miller (not verified)

I've had the R28SL2s for probably over 1500 miles now -- absolutely no complaints, and they've been raced and trained on without rest since I got them in May. At $299, the value is undeniable. To my eye -- as I own neither a truing stand nor spoke tension meter -- they've been set 'em and forget 'em wheels.

Nugent may have referred you (Rob) to the M28s because the rim has a thicker wall -- presumably that much stronger to prevent dents from potholes in urban riding (dents killed my old Bontrager wheels at 175lbs).

The R series is supposed to have better/lighter hubs and improved bearings, but I've seen guys racing on the M's too. None of the models has an explicit weight limit.

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Marion (not verified)
Contact info for wheels please!

Hi there,

I would like to get these - who/how do I contact the man? Please reply to my email with info or post it for everyone else if that is permissible.

Thank you!


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Valeria Hotsletter (not verified)

Al the info is here:

John Nuegent, who is very cool and responsive, email is:
[email protected]

btw, he's not just a sales person, he's basically the whole company, so I generally would trust and go with his suggestions.

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Rob Marcus (not verified)

I'm with you. I have been on my low end Bontragers for over 4500 miles and I bought the bike used. The hubs are gone, but the rims are fine and true.

I don't mind the heavier M28's, they are on sale at $229, freight included.

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Eddy (not verified)

I've heard great things about Neuvation wheels. Eddy

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Marion (not verified)
Merci beaucoup for the information!

Merci beaucoup for the information! I look forward to my new wheels.

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