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I realize the dangers of the Greenway have been covered here quite a bit, but I thought it couldn't hurt to point out that tow trucks are still not yielding for Greenway traffic at the impound lot, EVEN WHEN GREENWAY TRAFFIC HAS THE GREEN LIGHT.

I was clipped by a truck tonight. I had a green light but so did the southbound truck and like the ~30 other drivers I observed while waiting for the police report, he did not think it necessary to slow down- let alone stop- before crossing the path. As you probably know, from the Greenway it's basically impossible to tell which speeding headlights are going to turn into the path until they're hitting you. so careful, please.

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Noah Budnick, Transportation Alternatives (not verified)
NYPD tow pound contact info

Sorry to hear about this scary close call. I'm glad you're ok.

I recommend immediately calling the 38th Street tow pound manager, Officer Hodge, and telling her about the incident (day, time, what happened), that the tow truck driver failed to yield to you and that you'd appreciate it if she told the tow truck drivers to yield the right of way to bikers, walkers, joggers, skaters, etc. on the greenway.

You can reach Officer Hodge at: 212 971 0780


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Anonymous (not verified)

There should be separate turn signals at those intersections where there's a separate turning lane. It should be green only when the main signal is red.

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bill vojtech (not verified)
Signal, shmigmal

Signals get ignored. How about an overpass for the bikes? Plus you get a little hill on an otherwise flat route.

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elsa (not verified)

I don't know if this will help ,I was in C.P. Tues. and spoke to a Capt. who was trying to enforce the no cars rule , she said that the park rangers were responsible for the greenway enforcement & gave me this phone # (parks communication) 646 612 1300...

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Josh (not verified)

I see the ghost bike, and I know to slow down, look both ways, never second guess. Rabid environment, there, with parking lots, tourists, buses, who the hell knows what else. There's a bit of denial in our continuing to call it a Greenway. Years back it was a service road -- and still is, in large parts, especially around the Intrepid.

There are signs, by the way, that clearly state YIELD to peds and cyclists; and there's a turning lane at several key intersections so trucks and autos can -- and must -- slow down and yield. As usual it is not enforced.

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Angelina (not verified)

"Try dialing that number and see what you get. ""They can't complete the call as dialed."""

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