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Has anyone inquired as to the possibility of a long sleeved club jersey? After all, it will get cold eventually (won't it??).


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Bill (not verified)
just wear arm warmers (nm)
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Rick Sanchez, (not verified)

Hey George,

Never mind the long sleeve jersey. Ask the powers that be about the possibility of a windbreaker shell with club colors....

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
I'm unaware there are club colors. What are they? (nm)
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Marci (not verified)
Windbreaker & long-sleeve jersey

"Rick -
A windbreaker already exists. You can order it online, like the jerseys, through

George -
As for a long sleeve jersey - in the interest of inventory control, ""wear arm warmers"" my be the best answer. Or try the windbreaker. (In addition, by the time a new jersey could be designed and then produced by Garneau, it will be warm again - at least for this year.)

See you on the road - hopefully!


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Rick Sanchez, (not verified)

Thanks Marci. I'll check out the site at active.

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