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A19 45-55 miles 12:15 pm
From: Central Park Boathouse
Well Tuesday is Halloween and would you belive the forecasters are predicting mostly sunny, calm winds, and a afternoon high of 68 degrees??? Sounds like an excuse to celebrate the harvest, peep some leaves, and take a late-season journey to Piermont or Nyack via River Road!!! Go to work in the morning and in honor of the holiday 'disappear' at lunch, because we'll depart the Boathouse at 12:15, joyously ride across the south side of the GWB, and head to either Piermont or Nyack as the group desires. Bring a few bucks for a quick stop and some facts or opinions to engage in some pre-election week banter if you so desire. Question of the day will be your favorite trick-or-treat score of all time. Ghosts, ghouls, or daytime jobs cancel!

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Joe (not verified)

I'm in.

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tyler hamilton (not verified)
me too

I just want to start for the record, that I will be doped when I ride tomorrow.

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Joe (not verified)

In that case, maybe I should transfuse some of the testosterone-rich blood I've stored in the fridge.

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Ron Gentile (not verified)
I'll be there...

...and no, that ain't accelerade in my camelback.

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Sam AA (not verified)
I am in (nm)
cycling trips