Has anyone ever biked in western VA?

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  • Has anyone ever biked in western VA?
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Shenandoah Valley or the National Park?

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J (not verified)

I think it was the 2004 Bike Virginia I did that started in Winchester.

I also did some riding in Roanoke.

Overall, great cycling. Little car-used country roads, rolling hills, pleasant people ... and some major climbs. I remember Walker Mt and Star Mt.

Note, western Va goes further west than West VA!

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Hannah (not verified)
see thread from last September

"I did a short two-day trip from western VA to DC last year. Details at http://www.nycc.org/mb/thread.aspx?b=1&t=4927&tp=3#msg21360.


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Wayne Wright (not verified)
Shenandoah Valley Century Ride

I did the Shenandoah Valley Century Ride about five years ago. The ride was a set of four clover leaf-like loops with Harrisonburg, VA, as the start and end point.

I remember a scenic route with a lot of farms and rural roads, and light car traffic. The route did not go into the National Park, and I don't recall any major climbs.

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