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Due to popular demand, the hogwich rides will be happening this winter. This will be an 8-week series (not including 12/31/06) every Sunday in December and January. The focus is on LSD (Long Slow Distance) riding, with some specific drills thrown in to keep things interesting.

I'll post the rides properly on the website sometime this or next week, and will post weekly on the message board for each ride as they happen.


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fruitfly (not verified)

"Is this anywhere near ""Hogwort""?"

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R. (not verified)

or Hogwarts? Would love to train for a carbon broom match.

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Eddy (not verified)
Distance, Speed?

This sounds good. What distance and speed? Hopefully no stops? Thank you. Eddy

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Jeff (not verified)
no stops?

"To have no stops would leave little opportunity to enjoy this ride's mission and goal... a quick munching on a well-deserved ""hogwich"" at the half way point!
By the way, once the details of this ride series is confirmed for this winter, I would like to submit it to Bicycling magazine's list of regular club rides in which other may take interest, I think it deserves wider recognition - go Hogwich riders!"

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Joe (not verified)

I agree with the earlier post - a quick pit stop is fine, but longer stops on a winter ride are a killer. No doubt that a nice sandwich is well-deserved for those riding in the winter, but I would prefer to eat at/near the end.

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hogwich guy (not verified)
how about both?

the plan this year was to do the ride non-stop. those who want to make a pit stop someplace are welcome to. i'm sure you'll have company.

anyone who wants to head straight back to the city can stay with me. i'm all for hanging somewhere in the city for a snack if there are takers.

btw, i didn't order a hogwich all winter last year. the ride is always evolving, but i like keeping the name for the sake of tradition.


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Joe (not verified)

No pit stop? Do you empty your bladder while cycling, pro-style? Is that one of the drills? :>

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David C (not verified)
I like not stopping (in winter)

Not that anyone's voting on this (as Todd says, those who want to stop are free to do so), but I really like the non-stop aspect. When we stop during cold weather, we cool down at the spoon and then freeze outside. This way we get an excellent workout straight through and can enjoy a stop afterward as people are available.

Thanks Todd for coming through on another year of these rides!


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Donald (not verified)


Julia and I were just discussing this and planning to email you and implore you to continue. Now begging will be unnecessary.

We look forward to meeting up for blissfully frigid rides up hills.

No Ironmanning this year, so expect us to be ""in the rear with the gear."""

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Off season, I like stopping

Yeah I know about the problem with starting up after stopping on a cold day. And the moisture condensation thing is a drag. But nothing beats a hot cup of joe, a morning bun and conversation on a cold ride to Nyack. Not to stop is like flying to the moon and not landing.

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