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I recently wrote a letter to the NYC Sanitation Department about cars illegally turning into their facility on the West Side Highway and Gansevoort Street. The cars bisect the Greenway bicycle path and are a danger to us cyclists. (By *illegal* I mean driving against the One-Way signs.)

In the past 6 months I have seen 4 incidents of this violation, one where I was almost nailed by a NYCSD employee*s car, traveling against the signs.

Not only did I receive a letter from the NYCSD but they also sent the Supervisor of the facility to my apartment to discuss this. He was quite apologetic and mentioned various punishments his employees would receive if caught. In the future he suggested I contact him with license plate numbers of any violaters.

If anyone needs contact information about this, or wants more details, let me know.

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Jonathan (not verified)

You got a response. These guys routinely almost run me and others off the path. I figure they have some special dispensation but now I know better. Thanks for taking the initiative and contacting them. I've been nearly run over 3 X and many close calls. I will write after the next incident.-jonathan

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Dangerous crossing of the Hudson River Bike Path

I sent a letter to NYC DOT earlier in the summer explaining a flawed crossing situation and received a reply last week. My concern was that traffic entering the facility (as all traffic going southbound on West Street that intends to cross the bike path) needs to have a dedicated turn lane with a complete stop before turning. I was informed the situation was under control at the Gansevoort Facility. I have not see this insituted on 24th Street (most traffic enetering Chelsea Piers comes westbound on 24th Street) or other crossing points. I suppose if enough people die or the litigation adds up something will be done about it.

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Brad Ensminger (not verified)
Exact Location

Hello Hank,

Just to clarify the location of the illegal turns I was referring to-- it is cars traveling North on the West Side Highway, illegally turning left at the signal into the drive at Gansevoort Street that are the problem. (Not the cars traveling South with their dedicated lane entering the facility.) The Gansevoort Street drive is an exit from the facility, not an entrance.

In general the traffic seems more controlled at the faciiity because of the dedicated lane. It*s just the illegal turns that need to stop.

At 24th Street-- when riding south on the Greenway, I always unclip from my pedal, put both hands on my brake hoods, slow down, and look behind me to see if there are cars coming. (I was in an accident there 3 years ago-- breaking my arm in 3 places-- so it*s a place I ride through with great caution.)

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)


I understood your problem was not what I brought up. But you understand the nature of my comments. The bike path has underlying dangers which have not been addressed while both users and cars think they are following the rules. Relying that cyclists and other users stop at signs at crossings does not work. Ideally, vehicles should not be able to cross the path. All traffic should go under or over it. You are cautious of the 24th Street intersection because you have already been nailed there. The vast majority of users have no idea that a car can quickly cut into them, as at other intersections.

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